#1 - Thanks for creating the site; I am sure that it will be a tremendous resource for me.

I am the PROUD new owner of a 1968 Chrysler Newport (383, originally a 2BBL, 727 torqueFlite automatic). The car is more or less a barn find in that it has LESS THAN 60k original miles and garage kept pretty much it's entire life.

I was rummaging around the pristine trunk and found the factory build sheet, the original receipt of purchase, and the window sticker. How crazy is that??? Ms. Edith Magliotti bought the car in 1968 from Phil Detweiler Plymouth in Masonville, PA when she was 58 years old. SHE paid CASH in 1968.

Looks like the car was sold in 2002 and purchased by a couple (Mark White) who lived in Mechanicsville (or thereabouts) Maryland. The original 2BBL carb & manifold were replaced by an Edelbrock 750 - 4 BBL. (I would KILL to have that original carb & manifold back). The gas tank was also replaced (tells me the car was probably sitting for a while).

The last owner in Sperryville, VA purchased it in 2010 and had it for 10 years but only put 2k miles on it. The registration and VA state inspection both died in 2011. So I am guessing that the car has been sitting (again) for the better part of 10 years.

So now I am the current owner of this fantastic piece of automobile history and I an working on getting it running. The beauty of it is that it appears to be 98 ~ 99% original. It even has the original cigarette lighter. The interior is all there, headliner is not sagging, only a couple of significant dings in the body...

So I am by NO MEANS any type of mechanic, which is why I am here. I have been able to get it to start with priming the carburetor only. It has gotten a major tune up (new plugs, wires, points, condenser, distributor & rotor cap, ignition coil), oil change. I found a brand new fuel pump in the trunk which I used to replace the old fuel pump. I am pretty sure that this is my culprit for lack of fuel delivery - I do not think I installed it correctly based on the few mechanical fuel pump videos I have been able to find on YouTube. So I am going to pull it this morning and re-install it.

I also need to get some hard fuel lines (I believe I need 5/16's) to run from the pump to the filter, and the filter to the carb. I am not a fan of all of these rubber hoses and hose clamps everywhere.

Next will be pulling that Edelbrock BEAST and rebuilding it. Seems that rebuilding it may not be too big of an issue but tuning it may prove to be a bear.

Anyway that is my story and I am sticking to it. I will keep everyone updated.
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