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  1. 68-NewYorker

    68 New Yorker 440 is out of tune

    Recently, my Holley 4160 carb started leaking with some older gaskets so I rebuilt it with the blue gaskets, soaked it and had every part out on the table. I set the float per specific measurements and all that. So when I put it back on the 440 and set the idle screws (backed out 1 1/2 turns)...
  2. 68-NewYorker

    440 Valve cover bolt needed

    I have been looking around for one spare valve cover bolt that fits a Chrysler 440 for my 68 New Yorker. From what I have read, the same bolt was used for valve covers for the 340, 383, 413, and 440, (possibly the 318). Apparently someone had used a non-factory style bolt but since I have been...