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  1. J

    WANTED 1969 Polara or Monaco

    I'm not especially picky, I like the 2 and 4 doors both the same, although a 4 door is more within my budget, and I like the post models. Cheaper is better, so I'd be more inclined for a project car that isn't so far gone that it'd be something I'm unable to restore or attempt to restore.
  2. J

    WANTED 69-72 Dodge Monaco/Polara 4 Door HT

    Will be my first C Body and first car of such an old vintage, I love the looks and the size though. Realistic plans are to make her road worthy, restore to as fine a condition as I can manage, and make her a weekly driver, sell off if I get pressed for cash or when I'm too old to manage any more.
  3. J

    WANTED 69-72 Dodge Monaco/Polara 4 Door HT

    Actually, it does, and i even asked about it earlier today in a thread from the "other website" classifieds. Its at the very upper limit of what I can spend though :) I don't happen to have a Facebook, could you reach out and get a phone number for me, Aguilar? Also, that's gonna be one long...
  4. J

    WANTED 69-72 Dodge Monaco/Polara 4 Door HT

    Would prefer it to be in an affordable (read= project) condition, not rusted out, with trans and motor, and transportable.