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  1. Polara_500_Jr

    Welcome, huebnermatt

    Hi From Nor Dakota
  2. Polara_500_Jr

    New to me 69 300 Coupe

    Looks really nice for a car from up here in Minnesota/North Dakota area. No rust visible on the back end!
  3. Polara_500_Jr

    Has anyone ever won a car show with their C body?

    I agree with this, but I do appreciate what other car people think. I'll still do it my way, and some will like it and some won't.
  4. Polara_500_Jr

    Resurrecting Polara_500's Red beast

    This was my dads car. Polara_500 on here. Mike Muir. I’m getting it back together finally after his passing. Most here probably remember him a little, if not, he bought the car in 78 and it now has upwards of 400k. I have to break down the tag but I know he always said he built her factory...
  5. Polara_500_Jr

    Any members in Somerset, PA. May need the lay of the land

    Sounds like she got lucky running into a good driver and good local shop. She definitely sounded a bit scared from across the room even.
  6. Polara_500_Jr

    Resurrecting Polara_500's Red beast

    That's what he always called her anyway. Many thanks to @HWYCRZR for the assist this weekend getting a start. What seemed like an impossible task for me, looks much more achievable after walking through it with him. Also to @LocuMob for the encouragement to get this started again. It's been...
  7. Polara_500_Jr

    Anyone want to discuss This??

    I inherited them. But I also wouldn't trade 'em for much of anything. I have pics of me working on Polara's with Dad as soon as I could walk. The current '65 500 was purchased when I was 3. I don't remember life without this car, and I don't plan to in the future.
  8. Polara_500_Jr

    My Unicorn, eh?

    Just finally read this.... So much fun. Thought i had a large project to get a 4 speed Polara on the road...
  9. Polara_500_Jr

    Epic 68 Polara bench seat rebuild for originality

    a year in advance is easy enough. Plus, the seats can be worked on at any time, as the vert is obviously not ready to go any time soon. (Red Beast first)
  10. Polara_500_Jr

    Epic 68 Polara bench seat rebuild for originality

    @HWYCRZR Hrm, who else said this last weekend....
  11. Polara_500_Jr

    Mopars in the Park 2022

    Even if I don't have a running car, I plan to attend. Maybe I can drag a few of these many parts down to help finance the rebuild. My plan would be to drive down early Friday, back on mid afternoon saturday.
  12. Polara_500_Jr

    Wiring harness for 65?

    Anyone know a source for a wiring harness for a 65 Polara? Under hood harness... While @HWYCRZR and I were working on the drivetrain of Dad's/My Polara, I discovered that on top of the clutch back on the drivetrain and the heads up on the motor being apart.... he decided to rewire under the...
  13. Polara_500_Jr

    Mopars in the Park 2022

    I have passes .... now I need an assembled car. Never realize what you don't know until your teacher is gone.... his car has to be done and there.
  14. Polara_500_Jr

    6th Annual C Body Show

  15. Polara_500_Jr

    Mopars in the Park 2022

    Well, This gives me a definitive date to get the Polara back on the road. Dad always loved this show, and we went to it together a few times years ago. I will aim to be there with his car in his memory Edit=I am officially registered. I have a lot to do! :)
  16. Polara_500_Jr

    Site Software Update ---

    Thanks @Big_John it's good to see him remembered. The memorial tattoo for him was done last week, and there's a fratzog in it. Can't be my dad without a Polara.
  17. Polara_500_Jr

    NOT MINE Not mine- 64 300

    It's a 300K. 413 4 BBL. Forgive my ignorance, what's the k stand for??
  18. Polara_500_Jr

    NOT MINE Not mine- 64 300

    Beautiful car, 413, original interior only 68k original miles Missed putting in the title that it is a convertible Originally from New Mexico, no rust that I can see They are asking 32,500
  19. Polara_500_Jr

    Welcome prd2bdf to FCBO!

    And welcome from North Dakota again