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  1. 77NyKR

    Engine performance upgrade

    Hi all, I love my 77 NYB I take it everywhere all over New England. Has about 80,000 miles. I have dual 2.5 inch exhaust on it. Looking for more of a punch from the 440. Obviously reliability is a must for me on long road trips but she just seems to fall flat on her face. Looking for some...
  2. 77NyKR

    Road trip!

    In a few weeks Ill be taking this beauty from MA to IL for a 10 year Army reunion! Im stoked. She'll be sporting new Coker white walls, new rear leaf springs, four new shocks, recharged A/C, a new 2.50" dual exhaust I think she'll be ready to meet the boys!
  3. 77NyKR

    cup holder

    I know we're all bored sitting around, I thought of how pleasant it would be to have some sort of cup holder mechanism over the hump that looked somewhat original to the car. I did a little google searching and some searching of the threads here but couldn't really find what I'm looking for...
  4. 77NyKR

    side rear windows question

    Must have been discussed but can't find info. 77 New Yorker Brougham rear windows have never gone down since i owned the car. Recently took apart drivers door window switch panel, cleaned all connections and reinstalled... Hey now all 4 doors lock through the power switch! Now i can hear the...