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  1. Mclovin

    New Cold Case Radiator in the '66 Newport

    Last night I installed a new direct fit Cold Case aluminum radiator in my Newport. I was having some trouble with it getting warmer than I'd like during these warm months in Oregon. I will be putting the fan shroud back on tonight. I did not have the necessary hardware to do it last night. Its...
  2. Mclovin

    Found and Purchased Another 66 2-Door Newport

    Morning! Back in July of 2019 I was told about a Chrysler for sale locally. I immediately went to look at it. It was reasonably straight, a little bit of body damage on the passenger side, which is the only side I could see from the other side of the fence it was behind. At the time I still had...
  3. Mclovin

    1966 Chrysler Newport New Engine 383 to 440

    Hey everyone, been working hard on putting my 66 Newport back on the road. Bought it, along with two others, from the same person about a year ago. This car was bought new in Sacramento, CA. It is a base Newport with factory installed AC. Nothing fancy otherwise. It was a stock 383 car. The...
  4. Mclovin

    The 66 New Yorker is finally back prowling the streets!

    I bought this car back in November of 2018 after it sat in a pole barn since 2004. Two days ago I had a shop finish the brakes and bleed the system, double checking my work. I am not 100% confident in my drum brake repair abilities so I am glad I had them looked over by a professional. I had...
  5. Mclovin

    1966 Chrysler Newport 2 Door

    I picked up this Newport along with a 4 door Newport and a 4 door New Yorker. Finally able to bring it home and get it washed up. It’s a total gem. The body is straight, interior is complete but needs a little TLC. Has been parked since 2004 so not currently running. Currently working on the New...
  6. Mclovin

    Barn Find! 2 1966 Newport’s and a New Yorker

    This story starts about 20 years ago. We lived next door to a retired man and his wife who had three 1966 Chrysler’s. His wife drove the 2 door Newport and he drove the 4 door 440 New Yorker. He also had a red 4 door Newport he bought new in 65 and drove to Oregon with his family in the late...