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  1. Kristof

    Experience With Schumacher Creative Services

    Hi, Has anyone recently bought anything from this company? How was your experience in dealing with them? I'm asking this question as I bought an engine mount replacement kit from them (via their German dealer - mentioned on their website) on 07/01/2019. So far I'm still waiting on the parts...
  2. Kristof

    Gear Oil for 8 3/4 with Suregrip

    Hi, i’m looking to replace the oil in the rear end of my ‘66 Fury. Question 1: I have 2 litres of EP90 gear oil, API GL-4, for classic car use. Can I use this or is GL-5 called for? Question 2: How much limited slip additive do I have to add (Mopar MS10111)? Any toughts?