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  1. Kristof

    WANTED Door lock link - 66 Fury

    Just checked again, no link at the bottom of the door unfortunately…
  2. Kristof

    WANTED Door lock link - 66 Fury

    Hi all, The door lock link on the driver side door of my 66 fury is missing, so the door won’t lock from the outside. The enclosed picture from the fsm shows the missing part ( belvedere model, this isn’t pictured for the fury models specifically). Does anybody have a spare one for sale and is...
  3. Kristof

    WANTED Front moulding '66 Fury

    They are available on Ebay: 1965 65 1966 66 Plymouth Fury NEW Front FENDER EDGE MOLDING Pair Sport Fury | eBay
  4. Kristof


    I ordered this kit a while back: 3 firewall clips included. The others are to to secure the cables running over the left wheel arch. Quality seems OK. 1969 1970 Dodge Chrysler Plymouth C Body Underhood Wire Strap Retainer Kit | eBay