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  1. Kristof

    A Poor Man's Master Cylinder Upgrade

    Thanks for your write-up! This is on my agenda for next winter (66 Fury with manual drum brakes), should have been done last winter, but I lacked the courage to start... Your description will be a great help!! :thankyou::thankyou:
  2. Kristof

    Replacement power steering gear

    Hi David, the FSM explains quite well what you need to do and disconnect. The most difficult thing was to loosen all the bolts, which took considerable effort, especially the big nut connecting the steering gear to the linkage (pitman arm, i think is the correct therm...), you’ll need a 1 5/16...
  3. Kristof

    Replacement power steering gear

    Hi David, here are the pictures you requested. I made an error in my original post. You need to reuse the bit where the low pressure hose connects to (silver part on the front), the high pressure hose is just screwed in.
  4. Kristof

    Replacement power steering gear

    I’ve just finished installing ar reman AC Delco unit in the ‘66 Fury. Partnr 19321310 (steering gear) & partnr 19146735 (high pressure hose). Quality & finish are quite good. The necessary seals are also supplied. Time will tell if the steering box will hold up, but for now i’m quite happy with...