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  1. Kristof

    Power Steering Fluid for 65 C Body

    If I remember correctly MS5931 superseded MS2084329. MS5931 equivalent power steering fluids can still be found. Fwiw, I use Ravenol PSF Y. ( German brand, so not sure if available in the US)
  2. Kristof

    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    First trip in 2 years. The Fury finally past tech inspection so we took her out for a drive last weekend. I forgot how nice a cruiser this is… Parked to the left is my neighbours Peugeot 304 (for scale )
  3. Kristof

    What are you working on today??

    Finishing the installation of a reman power steering rack, greasing up the steering linkages & trying to figure out where to put an aftermarket oil pressure gauge and tachometer on the ‘66 fury.
  4. Kristof

    Summer Sweetness - Tielt Winge (Belgium)

    Last sunday we went to the first oldtimer meeting with the Plymouth. I found one other C-Body, a 67 fury break. Enjoy the pictures, Greetings from Belgium, Kristof