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  1. Kristof

    Never forget a little late

    If you have the time to spare, Time Ghost Army released a 24h youtube special on D-Day in 24 1h episodes:
  2. Kristof

    On the road again

    And from last weekends motorcycle swap meet a nice Plymouth Belvedere and Pontiac Invicta
  3. Kristof

    On the road again

    Ford Thunderbird and HMMWV.
  4. Kristof

    On the road again

    Citroën Mehari, Jag and Porsche
  5. Kristof

    On the road again

    Ford GT40
  6. Kristof

    On the road again

    Peugeot and Opel Olympia pick up
  7. Kristof

    On the road again

    Jag, Sunbeam Alpine an Citroën 2CV
  8. Kristof

    On the road again

    Dodge Polara, Mustang and Volvo P1800.
  9. Kristof

    On the road again

    Another Fury & Citroën DS
  10. Kristof

    On the road again

    The Fury finally passed tech inspection (mandatory in Belgium). She’s bern off the road for 2 years and I almodt forgot what a nice cruiser she is. We celebrated by going to 2 olditmer meetings on September 3rd and 4th. Below some random pictures. Enjoy, Kristof Fury parked next to my...
  11. Kristof

    Cordless grease guns

    The milwaukee seems to be rather skookum. Great youtube channel btw
  12. Kristof

    The Art of MoPar

    Thanks! I ordered a copy.:thankyou::thumbsup:
  13. Kristof

    Dead US auto brands last 20 years

    Isuzu pick-ups are still sold in Europe. Maybe they just stopped selling cars in the US?
  14. Kristof

    Your first car was a _________?

    2000 Nissan Almera 2.2 turbo diesel . No aircon, manual windows, radio casette player and a heater stuck in the hot position. Got it in 2006. Car had only done 18k kilometers. Took it over from my grandfather when he passed away and had great fun with it.
  15. Kristof

    What???? A Duster???

    It’s Romanian, a Dacia Duster. They are part of Renault now and are sold in Renault dealerships as a budget brand. Ugly cars indeed.
  16. Kristof

    Need some 3/4 front view pics of our cars

    Here you go: