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  1. Flemming Navntoft

    WANTED 1969 Chrysler 300 left convertible top latch and hardware

    1969-70 Chrysler C-Body left convertible top latch and hardware.
  2. Flemming Navntoft

    WANTED 1969 air cleaner dual snorkel

    i looking for a air cleaner for my 1969 chrysler 300 dual snorkel i have a shipping address in california zip 94804 and i have pay pal. pics from internet Thanks Flemming.
  3. Flemming Navntoft

    WANTED parts for 1969 chrysler 300

    Hi i am new to this site and i am looking for the grill plastic inserts RH side and the lower trim for the inserts in stainless steel i have a california shipping address.and pay pal. Please PM me with a price shipped to 96022 and if possible post a picture in this tread of the inserts and...