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  1. Rubatoguy

    New Wiring challenges

    Have you measured the current though the wire? Since 16ga wire is only rated for 13a, it would seem that there may be something off in your calculations. I always thought that the high beam and low beam filaments lit separately. FYI, it is common to add relays to headlights to provide more power...
  2. Rubatoguy

    Power antenna connector

    I believe that end is called a female snap-lock. Here is an example of an adapter cable. Metra 40-CR10 Antenna Adapter Todd
  3. Rubatoguy

    1969 Convertible Top Fold Down Height

    How new is your top?
  4. Rubatoguy

    Proper cleaning of engine bay - old dirt and grease

    I have had good results using S100 cycle cleaner. S100 Cycle Care Products | Home | S100 Cycle Care Products Does not destroy painted surfaces.
  5. Rubatoguy


    I've used gummi Pflege with good results.