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  1. zombie

    68 300 throttle cable length

    Anyone know the length needed to replace a throttle cable on a 68 300 440 without having the original
  2. zombie

    1968 300 throttle cable ?

    does anyone know the correct length of a throttle cable for a 68 300 without having to first remove the old one first ? Thank you
  3. zombie

    68 300 wiring box on inside firewall help

    Can anyone tell me the “technical name” for the small ( junction)box up under the firewall just to the left of the steering column Has approx 3 wires it kills complete power to car ( aside from horn) wires are all tight but by wiggling the box it brings the power back to life it has 2 male...
  4. zombie

    ISO 68 300 ( 2 dr) black door panels

    Looking for both side interior door panels (Black)for a 68 300 2 door with power windows In good to better than good condition if possible
  5. zombie

    Engine casting number top pad

    The top pad on my motor is reading 6t440 and what looks to be like 1027 below it its very worn as you can see in the pic below not sure if there are other #’s there that are just worn off completely looking for any info as to where there might be another location for this number ? Or is this...
  6. zombie

    Thermo quad year and cfm

    Looking for the year of manufacture and the cfm anyone have any ideas ? Carter thermo-quad 6-2146 Ive tried searching online but not coming up with much info could be I’m just not looking in the correct location .
  7. zombie

    Tracing a water leak!

    68 300 with spring finally here I’ve parked it outside since its been raining I’m gettin 2 small “puddles” on the front floor boards ( one on each left side Of floor pan front)and can not seem to find the source I’ve double checked the windshield and have since 3m’d urethaned around the entire...
  8. zombie

    68 300 2dr hardtop windshield gasket

    Looking for a windshield gasket preferably oem or aftermarket the fits correctly (I know I asking A lot ) for a 68 300 2 dr hardtop I’ve tried a after market that I have had professionally installed and it’s not fitting correctly even after sealing it I still have a leak issue anyone have any...
  9. zombie

    ISO fan shroud 68 300

    iso a fan shroud for a 68 300 /440 26” I’ve looked On eBay etc but feel I don’t need to put a second mortgage on my house to acquire one lol
  10. zombie

    68 300 power windows issue

    im working on restoring a 68 300 that has power windows I’m having a issue with drivers side window ..window will intermittently go up for a couple inches and then stop and does the same on a attempt to bring it down when the button is pushed in the corresponding direction after bringing the...
  11. zombie

    68 300 interior question

    i have a 68 300 2dr hardtop I’m in the “slow” process of restoring can someone tell me what is the missing piece in the picture as it didn’t come with the car and I’m not quit sure what I’m looking for any help would be greatly appreciated