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  1. Rubatoguy

    AutoTemp II used in Mercedes? But you probably knew that..

    I just came across this video that shows a Chrysler AutoTemp II control servo in a Mercedes. It makes me laugh that Mercedes outsourced their climate control to Chrysler. Anyway the video is fun to watch and the tech does mention that there is a source for a metal replacement for the servo...
  2. Rubatoguy

    Question on '71 300 for sale

    I was wondering if I could get some wise comments on this car posted for sale in IL. It looks to have road salt issues, but I don't have the knowledge to know if this does not look to bad or a rust bucket that looks good from 10 feet away. Comments...
  3. Rubatoguy

    Dual Quad ram air on 440?

    I know these came on the 413 motors, and was wondering if this intake would fit on a 440. I'm guessing probably not since I have never seen anyone try it. It would be pretty cool, though.
  4. Rubatoguy

    What to look for when buying a c-body Fuselage - Specifically a 300

    Hello, I grew up with my parents 1971 300 two door and loved that car. I am looking to find a '69 to '71 300 2 door, and wanted to get the wisdom of the group of what to look for when buying. My remembrance was that the car was pretty bulletproof, with the exception of getting rust right below...