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  1. TNT_wagon

    Front suspension wrench sizes

    I made some notes as I was disassembling the front suspension on my '66 Chrysler Town & Country. I hope this will be useful for other people getting ready to do front end work on their C bods. These are from a '66 Chrysler Town & Country, other years and models may differ slightly Mine has 1973...
  2. TNT_wagon

    Lower control arm removal

    Does anyone have any tips on getting lower control arms out of the K member? I'm replacing the worn out front end parts on my '66 T&C. Most everything so far has been fairly easy, with the help of a C-3964 ball joint tool.
  3. TNT_wagon

    Lower ball joints, again

    Well, the front end on my wagon is shaking like a (fill in the blank) so I finally bit the bullet and started taking the front end apart. I'm going to need lower ball joints and front strut bushings. I'm thinking about getting Firm Feel upper LCAs, and having them rebuild my lower control arms...
  4. TNT_wagon

    disc brake problem-ID needed

    My '66 Town & Country's previous owner updated the Budd brakes to later single piston calipers. I've discovered a stuck piston in the driver's side, so I intend to replace them or get both rebuilt. The problem is, I'm not sure what year they are. When he was selling the car, his ad mentioned '74...