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  1. SwissABC

    WANTED mirrors for my 1972 Chrysler New Yorker

    Zeb204, from what I see your driver mirror looks original. Like other says, you need 3586845 for the driver side. I have you some photos of my passenger side mirror 3586853 (1972, right for your NY), I bought it at , you can search one by partnumber, they are not cheap ;-) but NOS...
  2. SwissABC

    WANTED 70 Chrysler 300 Wheel Opening Moulding RR

    Hello, I search for a friend, the right rear Wheel Opening Moulding is needed. It must be the one with "double-lip" and black insert, like on the photo. Have someone such a moulding for sale? I think it is for a Hurst. Thanks, Isabel