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  1. polaratherapy

    Just enjoying the 72 Polara CHP cruiser...

    Are you allowed to flip the lights and siren on once in a while on the road or is that frowned upon? If so do all the cars get out of your way?
  2. polaratherapy

    NOT MINE 72 Polara wagon $3000 CDN

    Based on the guy's profile he isn't old with a young family just south of Barrie.
  3. polaratherapy

    NOT MINE 1968 Plymouth Sport Fury Fast top

    Looks very nice, at least he shows the 3 imperfections right off the top.
  4. polaratherapy

    NOT MINE 72 Polara wagon $3000 CDN

    I would have scooped it up, don't feel bad it sold in an hour, probably will be flipped. I just joined Face Fart and waisted time trying to post it here, but before you know it was "PENDING" then "SOLD" POOF!
  5. polaratherapy

    NOT MINE 72 Polara wagon $3000 CDN

    I myself am holding out for a 67-69 Belvedere II, hoping something will come along at a decent price as a project. I agree that up here in Canada that prices have surged for projects and people wanting almost the same ask for a 4 door as a 2 door. Junkers in bad shape are preceeded with photos...
  6. polaratherapy

    NOT MINE 72 Polara wagon $3000 CDN

    Geees! I checked at lunch time and nothing new, went and worked on my vintage RV, came back in , saw the post saying posted an hour ago and by the time I was contacting the guy, between message 1 and 2 I saw a PENDING and I instantly was going NOOOOOOOOOOO! Well hopefully someone from here got it.
  7. polaratherapy

    NOT MINE 72 Polara wagon $3000 CDN

    SOLD! within an hour, AaaaaGgggHHHHH!!!
  8. polaratherapy

    NOT MINE 72 Polara wagon $3000 CDN

    Just joined Face...k, figuring out how to add link, I 've reached out and asked for a visit, no response yet. Car looks good from the pics, but need more photos.
  9. polaratherapy

    NOT MINE 72 Polara wagon $3000 CDN

    New Techumseth ,Ontario Was running and fella is attempting to get her running in the next couple of days. 80,000 miles, 400 big block 4BBL. Posted on Face Booklet. Toronto
  10. polaratherapy

    NOT MINE Nice 67 Newport Custom in Belgium

    Much cheaper to ship 4 hubcaps to Norway than 4 alloy rims, something to consider.
  11. polaratherapy

    Interior work

    Box speakers on the rear deck using small toggle bolts not to damage the package tray and two othe box speakers under the front bench seat. Easily done and can be put back the way it was.
  12. polaratherapy

    NOT MINE Nice 67 Newport Custom in Belgium

    Not Muscle car but smooth cruiser look.......smoothy hubcaps
  13. polaratherapy

    Interior work

    Find a way to redeem yourself by sourcing out a second set of panels before they get crushed somewhere to apease the members on here who have nothing to do with your car. On the quiet.....they do stuff too but don't tell anyone....Ssssshhhhhht! Best thing moving forward is to not mention...
  14. polaratherapy

    NOT MINE '71 Dodge Polara

    I remember this one " Big Booty Judy"
  15. polaratherapy

    NOT MINE 67 Fury 1 $5,500

    Packing tape modification on the dash!
  16. polaratherapy

    NOT MINE NOT MINE - '64 Imperial Crown Coupe low miles shown, priced right!

    Find a full listing of Used Chrysler Imperials for Sale | Kijiji Autos Just as nice but a little less money
  17. polaratherapy

    WANTED windshield c body

    Reach out to Boydsbodge,, @Boydsdodge
  18. polaratherapy

    1972 dodge polara custom new owner

    To be honest we had a little fun with your car because of it's sinister look and Mad Maxish style. Most guys on here are a little older and percieve cars in their original state and would prefer they stay that way and do not step outside the box very often. It's your car and do with it as you...
  19. polaratherapy

    NOT MINE 1967 Chrysler imperial convertible $5,000

    Shame that tree hit the car and missed that rickety old fence completly.
  20. polaratherapy

    Power antenna conversion

    Remove the antenna and go with an inside one that you can stick to the A pilar on the passenger side, thay are slender and have an adhesive backing, very happy with it.