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  1. gyknot

    SOLD 1956 Chrysler fenders

    PM sent. Maybe I'll run into a 56 Chrysler someday. Are they as nice looking as they seem? Rust over the eyebrows or the lower rear corners?
  2. gyknot

    SOLD 1956 Chrysler fenders

    Too bad they aren't Plymouth fenders. Those I need. Price is great and they look nice. Even close enough to go get but I just don't need them. Best of luck with them and I suspect they will sell easily.
  3. gyknot

    For Sale 1961 Imperial body parts. Nose/doors/hood/bumpers

    I have acquired some misc parts from a 1961 imperial that was parted out long ago. I have the complete nose piece missing most of the chrome, hood, 2 rear and 1 front bumpers, all 4 doors (hardtop with window motors and glass), and the front seat. The nose has some rust in the lower rear...