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  1. gyknot

    SOLD 1955-58 Mopar Passenger Car Part Book

    Tried to PM. Says you box is full. I"ll take the book.
  2. gyknot

    SOLD 1967 3 on the tree column

    I'd like to get it but am a bit afraid of what it might cost to ship. I'll pm you and maybe you can get me a close estimate??
  3. gyknot

    For Sale B/E body aluminum overdrive trans 833

    Yes it would be easy to drill and tap the holes. I have one A body 4spd left but have a project in mind for it. It is also an overdrive. Good luck on your search and I'm sure you will find one fairly quickly.
  4. gyknot

    For Sale B/E body aluminum overdrive trans 833

    I have 2 from pickups. They have both B and E body shifter pads but on mine only the B body location is drilled and tapped. They will take a lot more abuse than most people claim. Still if you have real sticky tires and loads of aftermarket power you can break one.
  5. gyknot

    For Sale How rare is cross ram? Not mine.

    If I remember right, Daisy Duke had that ram setup on the Plymouth Satellite or Road Runner she drove in the old Dukes of Hazzard show. I always wanted one but complete setups are out of my price range and as already noted most that you find are not complete.