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  1. gyknot

    For Sale Not mine 66 Plymouth Belvedere roller

    I don't see him having any trouble selling the car. Even if it were next door to me, I just don't have any ability to take on another project in the foreseeable future. Doesn't that always seem to be the case...
  2. gyknot

    For Sale Not mine 66 Plymouth Belvedere roller

    Looks like a nice car. Even the underside is really clean. Depending on how much is missing, the price doesn't seem too bad. I wish I could find a "parts car" that looked that good too! I wish him good luck with the sales.
  3. gyknot

    SOLD SOLD 1965-68 4 Wheel cylinders, 2 Brake hoses, + misc. items $20.00 + S/H

    will be sending a PM shortly. Will take them with the PP F&F.
  4. gyknot

    SOLD 1966 Plymouth Fury II

    stick shift car with A/C. Very nice but too far away from me. I think your price is decent and sure hope it finds a new home complete.
  5. gyknot

    For Sale 1970 Fury III convertible

    I learn something every day it seems. Didn't realize it came out that early. Thanks
  6. gyknot

    For Sale 1970 Fury III convertible

    Very pretty car. Good luck. I have one question though for somebody smarter than I. Was surprised to not see an 8 3/4 rear axle. When did they start using the 8 1/4 axle? I assume that is what it is and not the 9 1/4 in a small block car.
  7. gyknot

    For Sale 1968 Plymouth Fury I 4dr 318 $800 on FB Marketplace

    Fury I with factory A/C...interesting. I really like that car.
  8. gyknot

    For Sale Not mine-68 Fury WTF

    I'm sure it seemed like a good idea at the time...
  9. gyknot

    SOLD 1969 Plymouth Fury 4 Door 318

    I got the message. Will try and call tonight.
  10. gyknot

    SOLD 1969 Plymouth Fury 4 Door 318

    Tallzag: I parted out a 69 fury WSP car probably 30 yrs ago. Still have a number of parts from it if there is anything in particular you are looking for. I'm over by Spokane. I wish I had 2500 spare laying around but as usual, I don't. I'd pick up that one and sell a couple of projects laying...
  11. gyknot

    For Sale S.B. $3.00 1968 Plymouth Sport Fury FastTop on eBay

    Too far away for me to worry about but I'd be on it for a parts car if it was close. The air cleaner and exhaust manifolds are well worth the trouble of dragging it out of the snow.