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  1. gyknot

    Engine Swapping the Slant 6

    Commando 1--- Did you use the Schumaker A body to BB mounts? As I mentioned I have a set I was thinking at one time of using in a C body but nobody could tell me for sure if they would fit or work. Just curious how you did it.
  2. gyknot

    Engine Swapping the Slant 6

    No idea where you could find the parts. Out west here, frames survive quite well. But they have mostly gone to the crusher too. Good luck on the search.
  3. gyknot

    Engine Swapping the Slant 6

    Since I was asked, here goes. I suspect the location of the frame mounts would be the same in any of the body styles. But, I don't know that for a fact. Yes the engine mounts I'm sure are different between them. I was going to take my chances, but then gave up on the whole big block swap. I...
  4. gyknot

    1967 Fury III 4-door Hardtop - left rear window

    How soon would you need it? I have a 67 Fury III 4dr hdtp parts car but it is in snow as well. It would likely be a couple of months before I would consider pulling parts. I'm just north of Spokane, Wa. so it's not exactly close.
  5. gyknot

    1968 New Yorker Valuation and opinions needed

    If the other side looks as straight as the side showing, AND there is little rust, I'm thinking that is a 2500-3000 car easily if it runs and drives. Stuff like this always shows up when I'm broke (which is most of the time) or I'd seriously consider it for a driver. Let us know how this turns...
  6. gyknot

    Tighten flex plate

    With that much play and the converter bolts are tight, I suspect you will have front seal or pump issues. Hopefully I am wrong. Whoops. I see you have it unbolted now. I'd still be very suspicious of seal issues if it was that loose.
  7. gyknot

    Tighten flex plate

    I've removed the crossmember without messing with the torsion bars before, but you have to "pry" things back into place upon reinstalling the crossmember. It can be done, but probably not the best way. I'm more curious as to how the flex plate bolts got loose in the first place. I've never seen...
  8. gyknot

    What’s it worth - 1968 Sport Fury 2 door Hdtp w/ 520” stroker.

    I can see building a sleeper car that is unassuming looking, if its what you always wanted and plan to keep. Especially a C body. And the 68 Fury formal roof is one of my favorite body styles. If you had thoughts of resale, keeping it original might have been a better plan. But finding somebody...
  9. gyknot

    Engine Swapping the Slant 6

    The Schumaker mounts were made to put the big block into an A body car. When I bought a set years ago, I asked them if they would work on any slant 6 conversion. The answer I got was they didn't know. I figured it was worth the chance. I bought a set anyways and have never used them. At this...
  10. gyknot

    318 Poly Aluminum Valve Covers

    MNT65--Did that include shipping by any chance or was that additional? I know I still live in 1980 dollars, but I'm trying to drag myself into what the economy has become.
  11. gyknot

    318 Poly Aluminum Valve Covers

    If you have any luck at all in finding something reasonably priced, let us all know. I'm sure I'm not the only other person that would love to find some too.
  12. gyknot

    1966 300 Restoration

    Truly restoring a car is a huge undertaking. It's very expensive and time consuming too. My suggestion (for what it may be worth), is to do the mechanical work first to make it a safe and reliable driver. It sounds like the body and interior are not all too bad. Then after you have enjoyed it...
  13. gyknot

    68 Newport Custom 4dr htop

    Yes with rusty floors and trunk, it would be an ambitious project. Looks like lots of good stuff is still present that can keep other cars rolling.
  14. gyknot

    68 Newport Custom 4dr htop

    Not that I am in any way in a position to buy anything more, but for a PNW car it sure looks to have very little rust in the quarters. If its that complete and original, it seems a shame to me to part it out if you can find a buyer for it whole (after you remove the parts already mentioned). It...
  15. gyknot

    Photo of Factory Pinion Snubber 1965 Fury 4-Speed 8 3/4 489 Case

    The snubber on my 65 belvedere measures about 8 inches long and 4.25 inches wide. I will try to attach pics but if they won't, you can pm me and i will try to email them to you. Everything is under snow so the pics are far from ideal. That will give you some idea of what was used in 1965. The...
  16. gyknot

    What Do You Bring on Long Trips or Rescues?

    Unless its only 15-20 miles or closer anymore, I just trailer them home anymore. I have a trailer and winch and a diesel pickup. The older I get, the less I want to take a chance on working on something alongside the road. Even with that, I will take at least one good spare for it with jacks...
  17. gyknot

    new fuel sending unit ugh!

    Realistically, if all he did is install a unit you provided, I don't see how he is at fault if it reads. Obviously it doesn't read correctly but since it changes with the amount of fuel you put in the tank, its not stuck or anything. Did the old unit read at all? With what little info I have...
  18. gyknot

    My new '67

    If it runs good, don't bother. 4bbl manifolds and a carburetor will be plenty spendy and I for one don't think you will see any real noticeable gain in power. But, it's your car and if that's what you want, do it.
  19. gyknot


    Nice color combination. The wheels are not my style though. I do not know the answer to your question.
  20. gyknot

    67 fury III convertible

    I'm going to suggest its not the tail lights, but the brake lights. If so, likely from a weak or bad brake pedal return spring, or an out of adjustment brake light switch at the pedal. Not uncommon on a car thats sat for years. It its truly the tail lights, you'll need somebody smarter than I...