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  1. gyknot

    What’s the value? 67fury3

    keep the fury. much harder to find that nice of C body than it will ever be to find a clean dart. Or just buy the dart and have both. I know, I know, I don't have that kind of money either.
  2. gyknot

    1954 Plymouth Belvedere original drivers education car

    I used to have an old street sweeper truck and it was the weirdest thing to see the other steering wheel moving around out of the corner of your eye as you were driving it. I really like that car.
  3. gyknot


    Well it just flat out sucks to deal with snow, but that is life when you live north. I'd love to live in a warmer climate but its not in the cards for now anyways. And its not worth taking the risk of driving them in bad weather. I don't worry about my driving, its the other guy. Good to have...
  4. gyknot

    Went to an old school junk yard today

    OK-That hits all of my hot buttons. Mopar, hemi, military. Thanks for sharing.
  5. gyknot

    Went to an old school junk yard today

    did you get any more pictures of the army limo? That is amazing.
  6. gyknot

    Anybody looking for a fire truck (D700)?

    I only hope it doesn't get parted out for the hemi. I'd love to have it but too many irons in the fire and not enough money to buy more.
  7. gyknot

    Found a little gem at a estate sale

    It does look very clean. I've often wondered why people paint right over spark plugs and rubber hoses though. I'm far from a perfectionist, but that just seems extra lazy or sloppy to me. Either way, its an easy fix if it checks out good.
  8. gyknot

    53 Packard & an old Chevy ambulance

    It definitely sat lower in the rear than normal. Guy said they had no problems on the way home so guess it worked for him.
  9. gyknot

    53 Packard & an old Chevy ambulance

    I sold a couple of rear axle gear carriers (pumpkins) from a WW2 IHC truck a few months back. I live in Washington state and the buyer in Iowa. He and his wife drove out in a newer Volkswagon beetle and we loaded those 2 pumpkins into the trunk of his car. He said it was just like picking up...
  10. gyknot

    Time to buy a classic car?

    My guess is the high end collectors with big budget cars will just sit on them as they won't be in any "bind". The cars that will probably come available will be projects or driver quality from folks who got into a hard spot and need cash. Those might start showing up at better prices (for the...
  11. gyknot

    Hey Dave Was This Near Your Place?

    We felt the house shake a bit up north of Spokane, Wa. from it.
  12. gyknot

    NBA great Kobe Bryant killed on 'copter crash

    My take on the story is there were 7 other people that also died. I guess according to the media they did not matter.. I don't know anything about any of them but to single one out as so important and not hardly acknowledge the others is disgusting. There will be many grieving families.
  13. gyknot

    how can tell me what this was used for

    its basically a bench vice for woodworking.
  14. gyknot

    LeMay car museum Tacoma, WA

    I agree with Hergfest. Marymount collection beats the museum easily.
  15. gyknot

    Life in the Philippines

    At least in Thailand where my wife is from (and we are headed back there in a few weeks for vacation) they have toilet paper. Most of the rest is about the same. My 15 yr old daughter is going to be miserable, but my 13 yr old son will try about anything so he'll be ok. We go back about every...
  16. gyknot

    chrysler sebring convertible

    I bought my 2008 sebring convertible in Dec '08 as a used rental return car. Had about 18K miles on it. Lots of miles in a short amount of time but it was a dealer serviced and sold car. In the over 10 yrs I've had it, I have done nothing other than maintenance to it. No issues at all. I only...
  17. gyknot

    Born cool & have proof

    I came home (1963) in a '56 Plymouth Savoy 2dr wagon my parents bought brand new. 277 4bbl V8 and powerflite. They drove it until it fell apart from rust about 1971. I don't have any independent memory of the trip...
  18. gyknot

    More parts

    Wish I could find a 67 cuda parts car like that. I need both front fenders for mine. A bit far away too...
  19. gyknot

    Junkyard Haunting

    That is amazing. Sure glad it ended up there rather than straight to a crusher.