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  1. gyknot

    For Sale Military truck grille power wagon? WW2

    That is the grille for the ww2 3/4 ton 4x4 or 1.5 ton 6x6 dodge. Later production with the long light guard on the drivers side.
  2. gyknot

    For Sale Great matching truck on truck

    very very nice. Hope to have the same setup one of these days.
  3. gyknot

    For Sale 60 Savoy 4 speed

    Looks good. "no rust I can see" is a huge red flag for me. That close to the coast in this state nothing that old has survived intact. Its either well hidden or must be a transplant from a better climate. Ifs its an accurate description, its a steal!
  4. gyknot

    For Sale Vinyl MoPar sign

    Payment sent. Thanks Terry.
  5. gyknot

    For Sale Vinyl MoPar sign

    PM send. I'm interested
  6. gyknot

    For Sale 1965 Dodge A100 Window Van - $4200 (Santa Barbara)

    Not sure I've ever had a 50+ year old car with a "very fresh smelling cooling system". Of course I don't go around sniffing them either.
  7. gyknot

    For Sale 1968 Dodge 2 ton wrecker truck - $1000 (Gladbrook)

    5 hole budd wheels means it should be a D400. Unusual truck even without the wrecker body. Hope somebody close saves it.