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  1. gyknot

    66 Fury III rear end upgrade advice?

    Cool. I've only ever dealt with 741 and 742 cases so don't know for sure on the 489 myself.
  2. gyknot

    66 Fury III rear end upgrade advice?

    I was unaware that the positraction unit from a 741 and 742 will not interchange? I always thought they did. Am I wrong? In fact I was under the impression, that all 8 3/4 posi units could interchange between the different cases. Including the 489 case.
  3. gyknot

    66 Fury III rear end upgrade advice?

    In my opinion, the 741 case will hold up just fine as long as you don't bolt on a set of slicks and start doing really hard launches. You say it is for a street car and occassional fun. That is what I am judging this from. The 2.76 gears probably won't make you happy though for any acceleration...
  4. gyknot

    Body Bolt Kit.

    What can I say. The second sentence reads "off frame restoration". I was not trying to be a know it all or offensive. Just wanted to make sure you were aware the body and frame do not come apart. Some people do not realize that. With that, I will refrain from further comment. Good luck with...
  5. gyknot

    Body Bolt Kit.

    I'm not trying to be an A** here, but you do realize the 65 Plymouth does not have a frame. It is a unibody car. Has a front stub but that is all.
  6. gyknot

    68 Fury III Resurrection in MA

    Thats earlier than 56. I'd guess 1954. Beautiful car.
  7. gyknot

    Welding up a new tank

    I'd avoid sealer personally. If you keep the tank full of fuel they don't rust or if you keep the car in a climate controlled environment where they can't condense water in the tank they don't rust either. Its leaving them empty or low and letting water condense that kills tanks. I've heard...
  8. gyknot

    1966 Polara Door Handles

    Sounds like Chrysler getting their money worth from a design part. Good to know info about interchangability.
  9. gyknot

    Look into my tank

    I struggled with the same decision on my desoto a few years back. The original tank was savable but was gonna cost some bucks to keep it alive. Found a replacement tank and sending unit. Don't remember what it cost but was close to $300 then. Hurt like hell to spend it but I've never regretted...
  10. gyknot

    68 Fury III Resurrection in MA

    Very pretty car. That is the formal hardtop however, not the fast top. Personally I like the formal top better.
  11. gyknot


    1973 and newer A bodies(valiant) with disc brakes should have the standard 5 on 4 1/2 bolt circle. That is the same as your sport fury. I would still measure to be positive.