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    WHAT ? Another 61 Fury restroation......

    Hey will if could give me a call? I Lost your info in my phone. I have your parts ready to ship.

    My new to me 1959 Dodge Coronet

    Agree,FL is a great site with much content to offer. However the site needs a remodel. Hard to post pics.

    1961 Newport oil pan

    I’m thinking that 61 having the different BB crankshaft flange would be different than 62 up Maybe requires a different pan? 59 has a different frame maybe? I would think that 60 would be the same I have a parts motor out of 61 Chrysler It will take me some time to to remove it though.

    vintage pics of women & cars

    Hitchhiker twilight zone episode

    For Sale 1970 300 buddy cushion/bucket seats

    Maybe I will have to look around?

    Another,AnotherAnother,Another 1961 FURY

    While picking up this 61 I came across this loaded 60 ford country squire woody wagon. Power windows,seat,stearing,brakes. A/C/roof rack. Supposed to run I don’t need anymore projects,but I sure like this wagon!!!!!!!

    Another,AnotherAnother,Another 1961 FURY

    This 61 has only 76K miles. Last driven 1974. Tow yard guy pulled the $1000 or I’m going to have it crushed… SUPER rusty for California. Sitting abandoned in forest since 74. Although mostly covered in moss some things were preserved by forest. A very rare nice soft dash pad…. A excellent...

    Adventures of SGT FURY

    Today I got this 62? Chevy c600 348 motor factory on dash tachometer.

    For Sale 1970 300 buddy cushion/bucket seats

    Perfect I’m in Santa Rosa
  10. SGT FURY

    For Sale Passenger 1970 300 fender

    Fender from 70 300. Solid western California car. Small bubble on bottom $185 Will not ship at this time. Located in Santa Rosa California.
  11. SGT FURY

    For Sale 1970 300 buddy cushion/bucket seats

    Buddy cushion from 70 300 Driver condition. Solid core for recovery. Has lighter. 2 blems shown in pics. $75 plus shipping 70 300 bucket seat cores. Power on drivers side. Untested. $200 will not ship. May part out seats if they don’t sell.
  12. SGT FURY

    Restaurants & Diners

    19c PDQ burgers Pretty damn quick Had many burgers there. Sign was later torn down. Restaurant still exists.
  13. SGT FURY

    Can you help a Small block Chevy guy understand a 1962 Chrysler 413 with cross-ram manifold? - compression and pump gas?

    As far as changing plugs (MOST)original Xram cars have factory original inner fenders that are removable to help assist in access to plugs. The brake booster is also slightly different.
  14. SGT FURY

    Another,AnotherAnother,Another 1961 FURY

    Picking up this 61 FURY coupe parts car this weekend. Pretty ruff….. Has nice dash pad. Seats are decent. Lots of good trim. Good Solex glass Abandoned in remote forest since 1974.
  15. SGT FURY

    NOT MINE 1973 Polara wagon 140 speedo

    Well story is not over this wagon yet! It did not get crushed YET! It found its way to a pick and pull yard in Windsor California. Once it goes into one of those yards they never come out. I do not see it on their inventory list? Not sure if they will crush it or put it line up. Disc...
  16. SGT FURY

    Home made dual snorkel air cleaner

    I got this off another site. Thought I would share it here. (not mine) I’ve had this idea for awhile. Nice to see somebody actually do it.
  17. SGT FURY

    WANTED Looking for a good Sector Shaft in the Power Steering Box for a 1959 Imperial

    Try Big M auto in Williams CA. 530 473 2225 Leave message He has several 59s in his yard