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    For Sale 1970 300 buddy cushion/bucket seats

    Buddy cushion from 70 300 Driver condition. Solid core for recovery. Has lighter. 2 blems shown in pics. $75 plus shipping 70 300 bucket seat cores. Power on drivers side. Untested. $200 will not ship. May part out seats if they don’t sell.

    SOLD Power disc brake pedal

    Not sure what year it’s from? I think late 60s imperial? Power disc brake pedal. $30 plus shipping. Has a little overspray,but will clean up nicely. Just the pad, the arm is cut

    For Sale 1969 imperial master window switches

    One is from a 69 coupe The other is from a loaded 4dr. All switches return to center Window lock switch is broken on 4dr $50+shipping for pair

    For Sale 69-73 AM FM knob style

    Came out 69 Plymouth VIP but was not original on car. I believe it fits all 69- 73 C bodies. Has cut wires ONLY $50 plus shipping.

    For Sale Power window switches

    2 used power window switches. I believe I removed them from 70 300. Both return to center. One is tight,one is a little loose. Untested as is. $45 for both. $10 shipping flat rate USPS

    For Sale AM/FM 8 track

    I believe it’s from a formal wagon77? It’s been sitting shelf in my garage since 1990. All presets work. NO cut wires Sold as untested,but my gut says it’s working unit. It’s in pretty good condition. Only $75 +shipping.

    For Sale AM/FM 8 track $75

    AM/FM 8track Part # 3501458 Looks to be in good condition No cut wires Untested $75 plus shipping

    SOLD 1968 Chrysler? Blue horn center

    Blue horn center in good condition I believe from 68 Chrysler $20

    For Sale NOS 67 DODGE Fuel gauge NOS

    $10 + $10 shipping NOS Has a damaged needle that reads full.
  10. SGT FURY

    For Sale Power window switches

    Not sure what years these are from? Part # 2926118 One is a little loose,but returns to center. $45 pair $10 flat rate shipping
  11. SGT FURY

    For Sale 1969 imperial power window switches

    69 imperial drivers side power window Switches with power vents and door locks. All switches return to center. Has power leads. Untested. $50 plus $15 shipping usps flat rate
  12. SGT FURY

    For Sale 1970 300 ,NY,Newport trunk latch

    Removed from 70 NY. May fit other years Works perfect, nice finish. $20 + $8 shipping
  13. SGT FURY

    For Sale Black kick panels minty

    Pair very nice black kick panels. Removed long ago from a 1968 Newport coupe May fit other years? NO scratches,chalking,cracks or defects. $60 for pair + shipping Lil Shelf dust in pics
  14. SGT FURY

    SOLD 1970 4 gang power window switch.

    Removed from 1970 300 coupe. All switches return to center. Untested,but appears to be in good condition with no crunchy switches,$60 plus shipping $10 usps flat rate box. Sorry no PayPal
  15. SGT FURY

    For Sale Power disc brake pedal

    PPower disc brake pedal from 70 NY $35 good condition. $10 shipping
  16. SGT FURY

    For Sale 1963 Chrysler 7 button radio

    Optional 7 button radio 63 Chrysler. Presets do not work. Have the radio dial missing on pic. No cut wires. $50 plus shipping. NoPP
  17. SGT FURY

    For Sale 1970 300 door panel edge black NICE

    The plastic drivers side that holds rear door panel in. Black NO crack,bends,wear marks,chips. Not chalky. NICE! $25 plus shipping
  18. SGT FURY

    For Sale Mid 70s AM/FM 8 track

    Im not sure what it came out of? I think maybe 77 T/C wagon? AM/FM 8 track. NO cut wires. All presets work. Good condition.ONLY $50 + 15 shipping. NO pay pal yet.
  19. SGT FURY

    For Sale 1969 imperial coupe rear seat chrome

    I believe this was from a 69 imperial coupe. Driver condition. $30