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  1. pomonamissel

    For Sale 1969 Dodge D300

    love it , my d300 is a 70 with a roll back bed
  2. pomonamissel

    SOLD Tune up set

    hey bud any more brass contact caps ? v8 or /6 . thanks pm
  3. pomonamissel

    For Sale 1976 D100 SWB

    i get ya , lots of projects in process myself , i've been throwing bucks at many at a time , slow process to say the least , just bought tti system for my 64 cuda trans planting a 340 into it disc brakes 8 3/4 re , ect..... and i'm involved in a few others all at once . and my resources are thin...
  4. pomonamissel

    For Sale 1976 D100 SWB

    non of my stuff stays stock . and 318 bbl would do it for me sorry , she a beauty although .
  5. pomonamissel

    For Sale 1976 D100 SWB

    jp8 sorry no smog wagons for me . so you just bought it , just flipping it . why ?
  6. pomonamissel

    For Sale 1976 D100 SWB

    man if it was a 75 i'd be all over it . it goes with my two other cal trans trucks .
  7. pomonamissel

    For Sale '65 Coronet, auction $8600 so far (GA)

    costs of repairs are high and the new parts for the latch . insurance company just wants a good return on there loss , so sell it and they wash there hands on it . they total vehicles all the time just to have no more dealings with them . some one will bid it up , and they recover most of the...
  8. pomonamissel

    For Sale 1958 Ford parts

    pm return'd
  9. pomonamissel

    For Sale 1958 Ford parts

    whats up with the grille , is that a part out part ? pm me please .
  10. pomonamissel

    For Sale NOT MINE - Matching L600 and A100

    thats a show winning combo ! all the work is done , just polish'n it up for shows now . and for less than the price of a new pickup too .
  11. pomonamissel

    For Sale NOT MINE - Matching L600 and A100

    thats a great combo !!!!!!!!!!! love it !
  12. pomonamissel

    For Sale 1964 dodge d100 short utiline hotrod driver

    here is a chance to own and drive a part of history , built to 60's hotrod stantards , starting with a 69 hp 383 , comp cam 470/270 , eddy rpm performer intake , weber afb e/choke , chry ign w/msd box n coil , chrome covers , alum w/p housing , dual gain pulleys , hd clutch 9 blade fan 9 ...
  13. pomonamissel

    For Sale '63 Savoy Max Wedge at Portland (auction)

    it looks as if the car has a a833 trans , not until 64 did those show up .
  14. pomonamissel

    For Sale 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury, unrestored one owner car! (eBay)

    what a beauty , how rare is that , a 1964 vehicle thats all oem . never f...d with . not many of them !
  15. pomonamissel

    For Sale '61 Imperial in Berkeley for $9k. It's pink.

    mary'k' drives pink cars . lol .
  16. pomonamissel

    SOLD B body Stuff

    bob , a vintage 15x8 1/2 american torq thrust has alot of offset that adds to the track width , between the pair they add 2 1/2 inches to the track , on the rears thats flaring or cutting the wheel openings . i did it in 72 to my 66 sat commando 383 4spd car . but that was a no doe fix . a...
  17. pomonamissel

    SOLD B body Stuff

    if there's no takers complete . i've got my want list with you . no issues bud . i put one under my 67 300 rag . got more rim n tire under it . it put my vintage 15 x 8 1/2 x 1 1/4 offset american torq thrusts centered in the wheel house .
  18. pomonamissel

    SOLD B body Stuff

    whats the housing and axles worth ? don't care about the third member or brakes .
  19. pomonamissel

    SOLD B body Stuff

    hey bob , what that r/e from , 66-67 b body ?