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    Fusey Imperial derby car storage yard

    A vast derby car storage lot in Northern California. (NOT MINE) There are several 62-66 there also. Mid 70s Cadillacs,suicide Lincolns,early 60s Mercury/fords. Here are some of the Fusey imperials there. There is a green 69 coupe there I’m told is solid and in good condition. They are willing to...

    Random 68 in parking lot today

    A random 68 I saw driving through the Home Depot parking lot in the rain today. Covered in moss and dirt. Motor was running rich making my eyes water. Front windshield was broken and it was being used as truck to transport materials. I remember seeing this 68 drive around town forever in better...

    68 imperial 8 track?

    I’m getting this parts car 4dr Lebaron 68 imperial in. seller sent me some pics. Has an under dash 8 track. Looks to be some kind of Chrysler dealer installed unit? I have never seen one like this? Have any of you guys?

    Imperial fence sign

    Came across this sign today at garage sale.

    Imperial license plate topper

    Saw this on eBay and it was kinda cool. Pricey! Vintage Imperial 3 Stars Sign Advertising License Plate Topper Esso Sign | eBay

    Imperial option delete cars

    Most imperials you see are heavy optioned cars! What is the most stripped model imperial you have come across? I once came across a 62 imperial conv sold originally in Hawaii. It had no A/C,heater and radio delete. Hawaii climate would explain heater/AC delete? I also had a 67 imperial 4dr...

    76 Lincoln wheels for imperial 67-73

    What do you guys think of using factory 76 Lincoln mags on a 67-73 imperials. They are 5 on 5. I think they would look good on a fusey imperial as those hubcaps are kinda boring. Maybe try to put some imperial eagle in center?

    1964 imperial broadcast sheet

    found this broadcast sheet in a 64 imperial parts car today. Thought I would post it here for the numbers guys.

    Imperial movie theatre

    Would make a great picture background for imperials
  10. SGT FURY

    F/S 1968 drivers side imperial fender

    68 drivers imperial fender for sale. Solid, no filler/rot with all trim $225 plus shipping.
  11. SGT FURY

    F/S 1969 imperial coupe main power window/vent switch $50

    69 coupe PW main switch with power vents and power door lock. All switches return to center. Has some pitting on the right side. Wood grain is decent. Has power wire connector. Untested. Only $50+ shipping. Sorry I don't have paypal.
  12. SGT FURY

    FS mint imperial emblem

    Not sure what it's from, but sure is nice part# 2901 545 55062 could pass for NOS. no pits,has all mounting studs maybe fusey hood? $30
  13. SGT FURY

    FS NOS 1971 rear bumper $200

    1971 rear NOS bumper with the bumper guard holes. Arrow straight with good chrome some small shelf wear. Some minor spotting on the backside,most of which will polish out. Priced to sell at only $200. I would estimate shipping at $100-150 ish depending on where you live.
  14. SGT FURY

    72 imperial bumper jack NICE $50

    72 imperial bumper jack. Very good unused cond. it's a green one $50 no base
  15. SGT FURY

    1969 imperial fender skirt trim $35

    These skirts were from a 69. The skirts themselves are marginal, Good if you don't have any. but the chrome trim is really NICE. $35
  16. SGT FURY

    Imperial dealership sign

    Got this imperial dealership sign at a garage sale. Originally came from Jim Rose Chrysler Plymouth in Northern Calif.