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    Home made dual snorkel air cleaner

    I got this off another site. Thought I would share it here. (not mine) I’ve had this idea for awhile. Nice to see somebody actually do it.

    Thinking of starting a you tube channel

    I was thinking of starting a you tube channel based on 61 Plymouths. I currently have 8 different 61 Plymouth projects I’m working on. I have 8 additional 61 Plymouth parts cars with 4 more yet to pick up! I have 10 60-64 Chrysler full size parts car with lots of interchange for 61s. I have...

    Factory assembly procedure C body

    Anybody have a factory assembly line procedure example for vintage C bodies. IE…. At assembly line work station #1 xxxx was performed? At assembly line work station #2 xxxx was preformed etc,etc? All the way out of the assembly plant?

    Searching facebook marketplace

    Is there a way to search facebook marketplace in all 50 states at the same time? Example if search for 1961 Plymouth Fury to get ONLY results from all areas 1961 Plymouth FURY?

    Broken trailer hitch

    While towing my dump trailer with some scrap bowling alley pin setters my trailer hitch snapped as I was driving onto scale!!!!!! Thankfully it happened there and not while driving down the road.

    Git R Done guy

    Do any of you guys know Git R Done guy? He’s the guy who insists on helping you for free and then complains to everyone you don’t pay him! He always wants to push a car on trailer by using his truck and a tire in between. Locking bumpers and breaking out grille on truck. Damaging car...

    The cost of chrome today

    I had some 61 Plymouth bumpers chromed during Covid. It was $550 for a rear and $275 for a front bumper tie Had the same done just recently and it was $880 and $475!!!!!! Have you guys been experiencing the same price increases?

    Vintage Chrysler sales Clipboard

    Got this from a member at FBBO. A vintage Chrysler sales clipboard.

    A message from SGT FURY

    Hey all, I went from record rainfall flooding. to….. It’s dried up,but now the fire department wants to do house to house fire and safety inspections !!!!!!! A reason to search your property without a warrant. Sooooooo- I’ve been pretty busy rearranging things!!! I don’t have anything...
  10. SGT FURY

    440 street sign

    A 440 liquor store sign in Santa Rosa Ca.
  11. SGT FURY

    Joy Ride movie

    I was cleaning out garage and found my Joy Ride movie promo T shirt. My wife always hated this shirt. I suspect that she had something to do with its disappearance. Joy Ride is kinda of a Duel remake with a Trucker VS teenagers in a 71 Newport.
  12. SGT FURY

    Yet another Vintage yard crushing out (worst ever)!!!!!!!!!

    Just got back from SoCal dessert. I Picked up solid 61 Plymouth parts car. My good friend John from big M auto picked up a 59 Plymouth wagon and a 59 Dodge wagon.
  13. SGT FURY

    Looking for member Furious

    Looking for a member here who hasn’t signed in since Sept. 2021. Furious He has a part I’m in need of. From Canada. If anybody here knows this member or how to contact him please PM me.
  14. SGT FURY

    Belvedere street sign

    I already had the double sided Belvedere street signs. Was looking for the pole mounting brackets. Found them today at junk store. Lincoln and Liberty intersection! Have many 61 Belvederes also many 63/64 mercury breezeways. Will make a great yard sign!!! These are 60s vintage and from my...
  15. SGT FURY

    The adding options

    What’s your guys opinions about the adding of options to your car against the fender tag and build sheet? A- Does increase value? B- Hurt the value? C- Doesn’t matter?
  16. SGT FURY

    WIW vintage wheels

    A friend of mine wants to sell me this set of vintage Ansen wheels. They are 5 on 5 1/2 ford truck/imperial pattern. WIW?
  17. SGT FURY

    What interior exterior color combo would you choose

    If could turn back the clock and be at the salesman desk ordering a new Chrysler product car.(any year) What interior/exterior combo would you have ordered. I would have ordered black with red interior.
  18. SGT FURY

    Other brand x car forums that you hang out on

    I don’t really like Facebook groups for some reason? I used belong many other brand X forums that over time have dwindled down in numbers. What other ACTIVE vintage car forums do you guys hang out on? I like this Buick V8 V8 forum. It’s pretty busy
  19. SGT FURY

    A real barn find!

    I was hauling a junk 79 Pontiac bonneville coupe from a old barn. Owner said I could have the barn also. It’s all redwood in good condition Barn is probably 80-100 years old ? Some 24 foot lengths. 4x4 2x4 1x6 2x8 Ruff saw cut I don’t know much about wood salvage,but I think it would be...
  20. SGT FURY

    Selling on ebay

    I have friend who has some 4000+ listings on eBay. He has a eBay store. That’s all he does for a living. He tells me he does quite well. I will wholesale him stuff to list once in awhile. I was thinking of getting a eBay store myself as I have much to sell. I hear lots of complaints about...