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  1. pomonamissel

    1958 Plymouth Hubcaps - What is a fair price? Why so hard to find?

    well i think i have one hanging in my shop , peeked center with a checkered pattern around the edge of the beauty ring section ? if so there are very popular with the lower lead slide cruzer crowd .
  2. pomonamissel

    Death in the family

    sorry for your loss , my pop on his 87 birthday , he went in dec 2019 . it's still a sad month for me .
  3. pomonamissel

    1961 dodge phoenix convertible, stick shift project + selling xtra hardtop and convertible parts

    i'd like to get some measurements from that balance tube that collects both of those manifolds together .
  4. pomonamissel

    1962 Chrysler Newport rear disc breaks

    make some sleeves to put in over the stud shoulders and just fits the rotor holes , steel tubing , maybe brass .
  5. pomonamissel

    Disc Brake Conversion

    well cr must be low like 7 or 8 to 1 , motorhome motor , cam needs to have no overlap as well or just a minor amount , opening the exhaust valve while the intake is opening lets hot exhausts back into the cylinder , the blower makes the boost to cylinder pressure . no need to use termal...
  6. pomonamissel

    Disc Brake Conversion

    oh ya i forgot here is those rear wheels for the 60 . plan on drilling through from one side to the other and using long fasteners to help hold the two halves together not counting on those welds totally .
  7. pomonamissel

    Disc Brake Conversion

    hey bud here is a couple pics of the engines in those two orange trucks . the 64 d100 , and than the 69 d200 crewcab , and the 60 d100 , the 60 is getting this put on it a 6 71 setup , more used parts , lol .
  8. pomonamissel

    Disc Brake Conversion

    great meeting up with another member and a plus of meeting your wife and beautiful little girl , yes maybe next time i'll have a machine ready for a ride . and again any time your in town look me up .
  9. pomonamissel

    Disc Brake Conversion

    enjoy your selves .
  10. pomonamissel

    Disc Brake Conversion

    can't miss me , i'm the one with mopars a bound , lol .
  11. pomonamissel

    Disc Brake Conversion

    no issues here , tell you what , you can keep in touch if you care to . oh ya i keep the door closed , so call me so i know who's here , and here is my cel 408-528-5501 paul massaro
  12. pomonamissel

    Disc Brake Conversion

    wow , my shop of sorts is in the down town area . kind of a poor day tobe in sunny san jose . if you and the wife wish , you could down in . its not a pretty place for visitors . i'm at 570 auzerais ave san jose ca 95126 . currently building a gate for my rental next door to my shop . welcome if...
  13. pomonamissel

    Disc Brake Conversion

    it's just nice to have factory stuff instead of a frankinsten . but i build frankies all the time , just keep a list of what parts you used and what you modified .
  14. pomonamissel

    Disc Brake Conversion

    going to use 75 chrysler imp 4 wheel disc brakes and booster setup on my 64 300c , spindles out on the front and convert the rear axles for one piece axles and then install the rears from that imp 9 1/4 re . here is some mods to get the front setup on the suspension and steering .
  15. pomonamissel

    Any SonoRamic Commando Guys Around?

    well when i asked the first guy that was selling them , he said the rest of what ? that seams to be the case , now i've seen complete setups for sale for tall money . i'm using mine setup in a hotrod custom , so i'll build what i need to complete it . and i've seen that piece repo'd for sale ...
  16. pomonamissel

    61 FURY convertable basket case

    great find
  17. pomonamissel

    392 Hemi 1959 Imperial?

    well this is a minor something like the 59 ghia 393 hemi , this pic is have a single pot master on a 67 d100 , but it was sold in 66 . so the required twin master cylinder mandated yet .
  18. pomonamissel

    What Happened To DeSoto

    i've got one 4 door as well , but the wife wants it her . so no big *** engine in that one .
  19. pomonamissel

    What Happened To DeSoto

    but i'm doing a few gassers using auztin a40's i have a two door coupe chassi coming and a pickup . those scream gasser to me .