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    WANTED 1964 bucket seats.

    Hi, I am looking for a set of bucket seats out of the 64 Chrysler to fit in my Dodge. Must be complete with runners, with no major damage. Preferable on the west coast. Cheers Paul.
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    For Sale Parting 1960 Plymouth savoy wagon

    Hi SGT Fury, can you tell me if you still have the 63 rear bumper guards I offered to buy from you. I never heard back from you. Cheers Paul.
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    For Sale 1962 Chrysler 300 2 door Hard Top Front Windshield Molding Set AND other 61-62 Parts too!

    Hi, do you know if the mirror stem is for the right or left side ( I am after the right side ) Do you have any chrome moldings for the right vent window ( lower corner part no R-2165997 ). Cheers Paul.
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    Non AC vacuum switch switched with AC unit?

    Thanks John, that task looks worse than building a motor from scratch.
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    64 880 picts needed

    Hi Johnny, I have the exact problem with my 64 880 although mine is a Non air car. When I brought it I got a reconditoned R2 unit a used under-dash unit and a box off pulleys, and brackets. But how they are all fitted is a mystery so please let me know if you come across any info. And I will...
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    Non AC vacuum switch switched with AC unit?

    Hi Steve, Paul here from Sydney ( ex -Christchurch ) nice choice as I also own the same custom wagon. Brought it back in 2018 and its been a slow resto with some serious hidden rust issues but we are getting there. My vacuum switch ( non a/c ) has some of the rear lugs broken off,and I know a...
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    64 Dodge steering column ( power steer)

    Hi, I am putting my steering column back together and would like to know what holds the lower column to the power steer box. The column slots into a rubber insulator which then slides into the box. There is a small hole running through these two bodies ( 1/8 inch ) is this a bolt or some sort of...
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    For Sale 1963 Chrysler new Yorker station wagon parts for sale

    Is the wagon fitted with a roof rack, if so I would be interested in some roof rails.
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    For Sale 1963 300,NY,Newport rear bumper guards

    Hi, tried contacting you through a( private conversation )but its telling me you limit is full. I will buy them just let me know when I can contact you privately Cheers Paul.
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    For Sale 1963 300,NY,Newport rear bumper guards

    I have a Los Angeles shipping address if that helps.
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    For Sale 1963 300,NY,Newport rear bumper guards

    Ok, I forgot to have asked if the rubbers are in good nick no cracks or broken pieces and would you be willing to ship to Australia at my exspence. Cheers Paul.
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    For Sale 1963 300,NY,Newport rear bumper guards

    Hi, would you willing to part with the two rubber buffers on there own. Cheers Paul.
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    Thanks , found it under a lot of paint. My fenders are in the body shop, so were is the tag number on them.
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    Hi, I have my wagon front stripped down with the motor out. I am looking for a stamped number some-were on the front rails or body. Is there a factory stamp.
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    69-71 Town & Country Wagon Headliner Replacement

    Thanks for the info, yes mine is a 1964 wagon so would the 1972 + wagons work for mine. If so are the saw-tooth sections front and back easly removed ( welded or fastened ). What is needed to hold the bows in place. I have seen a guy cover his hardboard with the...
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    WANTED 1964 DODGE 880 Wagon Emblems

    Hi, looking for both left and right emblems attached to top of front fendors. Tidy with no pitting please. Cheers Paul.
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    69-71 Town & Country Wagon Headliner Replacement

    Hi, I agree both Don and Dan cars look great. Mine is toasted, and I would prefere the fabric liner. What do I need to convert it. Do the hood bows out of a sedan fit , although I would be one short for the rear section. Is the liner available and how are the bows attached...
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    1964 880/ 361 engine parts

    Hi, I am going to freshen up my stock 361 motor and may need pistons / or over size plus any other internals. Were or who stocks these items as I am not seeing much posted. Cheers Paul.
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    For Sale Station wagon Rear Load Plate

    Hi Dan, I am interested in the plate. Would you be willing to get a shipping cost, one to Sydney A