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    Parts cleaners - Ultrasonic, vibratory & solvent-experience welcome.

    I just rebuilt my Carter carb and used Krud Kutter Pro cleaner and degreaser. It's 14.99 a gallon at Northern tools. I rigged up an "ultrasonic" washer using a power hand sander and some plastic tubs and pitcher to vibrate the parts clean and it worked great! I put the sander in a plastic...
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    What do you guys use on exhaust manifolds?

    This will seem way too easy but works great. Clean the loose rust off, don't need to attack it, and spray a coat of PB Blaster graphite dry lubricant on the manifold, hot or cold. Looks as good as the Eastwood and VHT but is much easier. If the rust starts to show through again, just shoot...
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    convertible top mechanism - service

    If you are in need of a pair of rams that were tested and show no leakage and a set of hoses/lines that also are leak free, let me know as I will sell them. They came off my 69 300.
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    For Sale NOS C body bumpers

    I sent you a message re:69 300 rear bumper. Here’s a photo to help. Thanks
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    64 Chrysler not Imperial pw motors

    P hotos of the window motors from 60's Mopars and late 70's - early 80's.
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    64 Chrysler not Imperial pw motors

    I believe the power window motors can switch side to side but wing vent motors are specific to each side. Also just FYI I have found that newer, like 80s and early 90s New Yorkers with the almost vertical back window and smaller motors will also work with the correct plugs spliced in the line..
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    For Sale Huge Lot of 1969 Chrysler 300 NOS Parts

    Looking at the last photo, is there a part number on this and do you still have it. Looks like part of auto temp system. Let me know price etc and shipping. Thanks
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    1969 300 rocker molding clips

    Hey David, did you ever find a source for these!
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    1969 300 Door Panels

    I had SMS auto fabrics rebuild my door panels. Original owner had installed 3 speakers in each door and I wanted them gone. You send them your old panels they remake them like original and return them. It did take months but the wait was well worth it. They shipped them when promised too...
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    1969 300 Passenger Mirror Repair

    How about just screwing the mirror into the holder. Mine was loose and this tightened it up for me. Just put your fingers against the mirror and twist to the right. Hope this helps.
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    For Sale Huge C body sale

    Do you have a rear bumper for a 69 300 in good condition?
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    Reproduction Rear Seat Speaker Grills-for 69-70 C Body Convertibles

    It is the same grill all the way back to 1965 for Chryslers, Dodge and Plymouth. I did a second production run and my fabricator upped the price of production. I now sell them for $75 and I include priority shipping, usually 2 day, in the U.S. I have sent lots of them around the world. I'm...
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    For Sale 1969 chrysler 300

    Can you send more photos of the dash/radio bezel especially the left side of the dash. My dash was cut by original owner to replace the radio. I would need the radio in the dash too. Thanks
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    Auto temp 1 diagnostic tool

    I know I'm late to this but did the tester sell?
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    Auto temp 1 diagnostic tool

    I don't know if I have a cutoff switch or not. I have watched the YouTube videos and think maybe I have a vacuum hose leaking. Or a cracked plastic fitting. If I could find a dealership that's been in business for 46 years or so....
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    Auto temp 1 diagnostic tool

    Has anyone used or even seen the diagnostic tool for this system? Does anyone know if the auto temp ll tool will work with the auto temp l system? Does anyone have this tool and are willing to loan it out? My auto temp l still heats/cools but has some quirky behaviors like the a/c fan cutting...
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    WANTED Wanted rear bumper 69 300 with bumper guards also mounting hardware

    :yaayy:I would also buy the rubber bumper guards and mounting hardware alone if you just have those. Thanks for the help
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    Anyone know of a source for oem type transmission cooling lines for '74-'78 C Bodies?

    :yaayy:You can buy the correct lines through Right Stuff Detailing. They were great to deal with. Got me the correct lines in 2 days to keep my project on schedule. Phone: (614) 523-3410. Tell em you heard of em on this forum and maybe we can all get a discount on their disc brake conversion...
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    what do you guys think of this one? just curious (70 300 convert.)

    I don't see the console or the in-dash 8 track....and I love the original interior in "great condition...except for the rip on the drivers seat".