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    Mopar Spring Fling 2024 Stade, Germany pictures

    Thank you very much for the wonderful pictures. The weather was perfect and luckily the great location "Grauerort" is available again. Unfortunately I couldn't participate this year, but as I see there were enough other vehicles on site ;)
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    New here, IMFURYS daughter

    I'm sorry to hear that your father has passed away, but every time you ride the beautiful Fury, he will be on board. I wish you many, many happy miles...
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    some more random c bodies

    Luckily only Photoshop. So it was cleaned, turn signal, side markers and door handles are suddenly missing ;)
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    What describes a 300

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the OP had the 300 Slab Sides in mind...
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    What describes a 300

    "The Bankers Hot Rod", I have read this term several times and I find it quite appropriate, especially for the 300L with its factory red pinstripe, unsileced aircleaner and special camshaft.
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    NOT MINE 1971 Dodge Polara Police 440 EVOC - 29500 EUR - Germany

    Here are some pictures of DK41U1D291359. It was featured in a magazine as an example of what it takes to gain German registration as a historic car. It appears to be the previous owner who sold it to the Moparshop as it is still for sale there...
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    Mecum KISSIMMEE 2024 1965 Chrysler 300L 413/360 HP V-8, Factory 4-Speed, Window Sticker and Build Sheet

    A very nice 300L with unique options at a unique price ;) I've never seen a second power antenna on a 300L (the data book doesn't say anything about it either). Does anyone know if you could order this from the factory, or was the driver side antenna installed by the dealer just like the dual...
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    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year everybody! Dry weather, no salt on the roads for weeks, a bit windy and temperatures around 45°F = first trip of 2024. I pulled my Sport Fury out of her Box and off we go...
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    NOT MINE Very nice '73 Imperial

    I'm not sure if the seller is lazy or stupid. Probably both, if he is not even able to adapt the old price of 21K obo in the text to his new headline price. A great car, it deserves a good home...
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    NOT MINE 1970 Chrysler Newport convertible in Trenton NJ (Gold metallic and interior)

    I knew I had seen this vehicle before with its unusual luggage rack and dirt rags... trunk mounted luggage rack - haven't seen one on a slab yet
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    Welcome! Good things need time :thumbsup:
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    1970 Monaco wagon ( youtube )

    I'm not sure if Willy is registered here. But his preferred prey scheme are the 1970 Polaras and probably also Monacos. He regularly visits the BBTR with one of his cars and often travels to the States to find good vehicles.
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    1969 Imperial progress thread

    As always, better than new :thumbsup:
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    First & Last

    I am blessed ;) My '65 Chrysler 300L is both, first and last at the same time. First year of Elwood Engel's new body design AND last of the Letter Car Series!
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    Talk me out of this.

    Now we have an official number 18,8 k 1972 Dodge Monaco This price seems a bit "dubious" to me if, as you write, you could get the car for less than half the price.
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    Mopars by the River

    Germany! Here you will find some information and many pictures from this event... Boats by the River (BBTR) #7 - 2022
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    The VIN number you provided matches the car better...
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    NOT MINE 1969 Imperial 2dr in Rush City MN (yellow, $5k ask)

    The car was posted some days before NOT MINE - 1969 Imperial LeBaron 2-door $5,850 Also with some comments... I like the color combination, but the rear window issues and the lack of title would be a deal breaker for me.
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    AtA Duisburg, Germany

    The "automobile-catalog" says 9380 4-door sedans. Dodge (USA) Full-Size 8gen production numbers data I found an other number of 9570 for this 6 window sedans. Unfortunately, I'm not deep enough into the Dodge subject to say in which factory the cars were built or whether they were exported to...
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    AtA Duisburg, Germany

    It's a 1965 Dodge Custom 880 4-door sedan with 413cui.