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  1. emmd61

    Can you easliy put 1968 chyrsler 300 hideaway healights on a 67 chrysler 300?

    I have a 67 300 convertible that I would like to customize a bit. Like the 68 grill look better. Is this an easy swap? Thanks
  2. emmd61

    1965 Power Vent Window Motor Bracket----Imperial same as New Yorker?

    I am trying to accumulate parts needed to add power vents to my 1965 New Yorker Wagon. I have an opportunity to purchase vent motor brackets off 1965 Imperial. Any one know, or have interchange manual, saying wether imperial vent brackets will fit on New Yorker?
  3. emmd61

    1965 Chrysler New Yorker Power Vent Motor----Just bought some eBay----checking compatability

    Hi .....I got 5 power vent window motors part number 2428282 and 2428283. Wanted to see if these are good for 1965/66 New Yorker (I am restoring a 65 NYer wagon wanna add power vents). Any advice appreciated.
  4. emmd61

    For Sale 1960’s Chrysler station wagon rear wind deflector—-NOS—-$400 b/o

    Mopar NOS wind deflector—rare option. In original mopar box. Instructions included. All hardware present. Located in Raleigh North Carolina. $400 +shipping (best offer).
  5. emmd61

    For Sale 1966 imperial

    need cruise setup need trunk release setup how much + shipping NC, USA
  6. emmd61

    NOT MINE 1965 Chrysler new yorker $8,000

    This gentleman number is 919-675-4021 and prefers text
  7. emmd61

    Have a priest bless my car?

    Increase you life insurance policy, your family may need it.
  8. emmd61

    1965 and 1966 New Yorker Cruise Control the same or different?

    Looking to install a cruise unit onto a 65 NYer wagon. I found some cruise parts listed for 1966 Chrysler. Might these be the same. I know the dash contour and layouts are same.
  9. emmd61

    Door panel clip repair?

    ? layer fiberglass both side then Dremel out slot for clip
  10. emmd61

    For Sale 1965 Chrysler New Yorker

    I could use the door panels if you can ship them
  11. emmd61

    Needed Passenger Side Lower Quarter----6-8 inch up 1960 Imperial

    Thinking to restore a 1960 Imperial coupe. It has some rust passenger quarter panel up to about 6 inches. I think 1960-63 would work. Source would be appreciated. Car is loaded to the max worth restoring. Arthur in NC
  12. emmd61

    The Bronze Doll '67 300

    These cars are notoriously unreliable. I think you should flip it. I'll unburden you.
  13. emmd61

    Installing Cruise Control in 62 Imperial

    I have a cruise control set up I am going to install in my 62. I see in manual the dial cruise adjuster goes next to ignition switch. Where do I then relocate the power antenna switch? How do I locate the cruise brackets on inner fender well? In my 65 NYer there were dimples where to drill...
  14. emmd61

    Are lower rear quarter panels same on 1960 Imperials as 1961-63 Imperials?

    I am likely going to buy a 1960 imperial to restore. Bottom 6 inches of behind the rear wheel quarters are rusty. Is that area the same on 60 as 61-63?
  15. emmd61

    Electric Trunk Release Installed 1962 Imperial........what amp fuse should I have in line?

    Installed trunk release in my 62 but not sure what amp fuse I should use. I bought the trunk release setup from a parts yard many years ago. I was going to hook power up to accessory slot on fuse box but not sure of amperage of fuse to use.
  16. emmd61

    Installing a cruise control setup in 1962 Crown Coupe....advice and info needed

    I have a nice 62 coupe and several cruise setups. I have multiple mounting brackets and not sure which is for 62. Also, several control units. Any advice how to install and which brackets appreciated. 919-630-0158
  17. emmd61

    1965 Town and Country----Electric Tail Gate Key lowers only

    I have a 65 NYer wagon. The dash switch raises and lowers tail gate window fine. Key at rear tail gate only lowers. Is that standard or should I look to replace the switch? Thanks. do I remove the glass pane to get to the rear of the switch? Thanks again.
  18. emmd61

    Rare Complete 1963 Chrysler Imperial Electric Trunk Release ----Works Well----$295+Shipping

    I bought this options 25 years ago when I had a 63 Lebaron. I was then going to use it on a 61 or 62 project. I decided to sell it since not got around to using it. I hooked it to power and it works very well. It appears complete right down to mounting bolts and glove compartment push button...