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  1. A38E86D32

    Has anyone used Summit Turbo XL mufflers?

    I've purchased a 2 1/2" TTI system without mufflers for my '71 Fury. Originally purchased Flowmaster Super 44s of the correct configuration, had extentions welded on the inlets to make up the shorter length, then had the entire system ceramic coated black. I'm getting older and loud exhausts...
  2. A38E86D32

    Exhaust coatings, powder coat and ceramic coat

    I am having my 440hp manifolds ceramic coated. I would like to have my new exhaust system coated too. One of the powder coat shops i talked to says i can powder coat the exhaust piping, that ceramic coating would be over kill. What do you guys think? I would think that exhaust gets too hot for...