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  1. A38E86D32

    Calling on Build sheet decoders

    For 1971, what would be the number in the "tire" category for a vehicle using G78-15 tires? Thanks in advance!
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    Fender tag stamp, Newark plant

    Hey guys, Ordering a new fender tag for my 71' plymouth. It's very corroded. I'd like to duplicate the number stamp the factory puts in the upper right hand corner. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. A38E86D32

    Fuselage windshield, new available?

    I may be popping out my 71 fury windshield to do bodywork and reseal it. I was told the glass MIGHT break. Is there a source for a new windshield just in case? Thanks! -Marc
  4. A38E86D32

    rearching leaf springs

    Hi everyone, I would like to recondition my leaf springs on my police package 71' fury. Any recommendations on who to have do it? Thanks!