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  1. A38E86D32

    just wondering, any police package fuselage plymouths on here? NJSP?

    Just wanted to see if there were any police package fury owners here, 69-73'? Any NJSP cars? I have a 71' plymouth fury 3 NJSP and know of Tony's 73' NJSP Fury. Thanks :)
  2. A38E86D32

    attention squad savvy: questions about my 71' NJSP Fury

    Hi again, First question: my car is a 71' plymouth fury 3 former NJSP car. The fender tag (there's only one) says TX9 for the exterior paint, but there's white paint underneath the door gaskets and i know the NJSP were black and white. The question here is, did they purchase the car black then...
  3. A38E86D32

    hood clearance question 71' fury 440

    Hey All, I have a newly rebuilt 440 engine for my 71' Fury police car. Aluminium top end. I went with a stock style mopar low rise aluminum intake. I was worried about hood clearance. Question is, if i use the stock 71' dual snorkel air cleaner, can i switch over to a high rise RPM...