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  1. Pete Kaczmarski

    1959 Imperial Custom Coupe (new tires for the baby)

    Yesterday, I purchased four tires from Lucas (9.50-14 bias) for the Imperial. I also took these digital photos and it looks great. Next is to get the '70 Fury III Pursuit out and will also take some digital photos to post. The hardest thing to do is decide what car to drive.
  2. Pete Kaczmarski

    1959 Imperial Crown Coupe w/stainless roof option "FOR SALE"

    I purchased this car approx. 10 years ago in WI. where I live. The car is a Crown model with the stainless steel roof option. Yes it needs complete restoration of interior,exterior and mechanicals. Another rarity is the color "PINK". When I restored my "59 Custom Imperial it needed more rear...
  3. Pete Kaczmarski

    1959 Imperial Custom Coupe w/stainless roof option

    Even though I have owned approx. 75 cars in my life, this car is "My First Real Love". When I first seen a picture of the '59 Imperial I thought it was a experimental car. In 1988 this car was advertised near Madison WI. It was in a rented barn and some kids broke into all of the cars. This car...