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  1. Pete Kaczmarski

    A fun Fury grill detailing video I made

    Nice video, the car appears to be a Fury I? any more story on the car? I own a '70 Fury III ex-Washington State Patrol car.
  2. Pete Kaczmarski

    Fuselage fender removal

    Before all of your ideas...remove the debris shield by the wipers and inspect for rust-through. Also the two lower corners of the windshield. Both areas can be prone to rust even if the car lived in any state along an Ocean (salt water) from the air and/or water.
  3. Pete Kaczmarski

    1973 Monaco, remove aftermarket tint glue

    On my '78 New Yorker St Regis Coupe it is triple red. Red fades to orange on the carpet and lightens the velour color. So I purchased a thick window removable window tint and applied it to the outside of the large rear window. I have driven up to 80 mph and been in the car for 6 years. I can...
  4. Pete Kaczmarski

    Painted top

    If you want to compare and drive to Wisconsin try calling Dick Guerno of United Auto Trim...he and his three sons doing this for decades. He also has a large mount of remnants so maybe can save you money....... United Auto Trim Inc | Fond Du Lac | Wisconsin | United Cars
  5. Pete Kaczmarski

    Painted top

    Another option is to check with a seasoned upholster to see if they have some vinyl leftover or from a cancelled job that they would sell to you at a discount. Then ask them for a quote to do the job.
  6. Pete Kaczmarski

    77 NYB rear window and vinyl top trim removal

    I suspect the car in question is your white '75 Coupe. I had a friend help me as I had some rust where the chrome molding goes around the bottom side below the rear quarter window. I have had the Sait Regis roof package on mine. If repairing the same area as mine, you will need to remove the...
  7. Pete Kaczmarski

    Roof repair

    The best bet is to go to a trusted auto body shop that will remove the glass without breaking it and done this type of repair already. Remember it can have a "snowball" effect so talk to someone about the vinyl roof and what might need to be done.
  8. Pete Kaczmarski

    New Bumper Bolts?

    Check with you local favorite body shop. If they don't have them, they know where to get them from.
  9. Pete Kaczmarski

    62 300 trim clip side moulding removal

    Does the clip fold over in half? If so gently lift the outside half and see what the car side half has an elongated hole to slide to the larger side for removal.
  10. Pete Kaczmarski

    The best way to patch and seal a hole in vinyl roof

    My opinion is if the metal has only minor rust starting (lay in the trunk and look up at bottom side), take a small car model brush and apply a rust convertor or rusty metal black paint. Reach as far as the roof has lifted. Let it dry and apply some good 3M trim adhesive on the metal area and...
  11. Pete Kaczmarski

    Rear bumper guard repair

    Look at Jan. 2020 magazine "Auto Restorer", there is an article on making rubber gaskets and plastic bushings.
  12. Pete Kaczmarski

    Is this a sign of a bad windshield seal?

    It is not uncommon for all cars to rust near the lower front and rear window corners. The water pools here and you cannot see the rust easily. My '70 Fury III from Washington state had issues on front and back. That is why you may see some rust under the trunk mat. It is not unusual but not a...
  13. Pete Kaczmarski

    Vinyl Top Cleaning

    Or try "Fantastic" with a stiff bristle brush or an old tooth brush. There are several products out there to coat and protect it.
  14. Pete Kaczmarski

    How would you clean this aluminum trim?

    Same EXACT process you describe but with "Brasso" that I described earlier and it about half the cost. Remember what I said about reinventing products.
  15. Pete Kaczmarski

    How would you clean this aluminum trim?

    Every year I repolish my antique brass fire extinguisher. I tried the miracle stuff but not anymore. They are trying to re invent the product. Try "Brasso" for about $3.50. Its been around for about a century. You could do it by hand and save even more.
  16. Pete Kaczmarski

    Vinyal Top Protectant/Preservative

    I still use liquid floor wax. I also use it on the vinyl hot tub cover. If you let the rain sit on the vinyl it will turn white but go back to normal as it dries. I'm trying a special made for convertible roof protectant product because it is more porous and it flexes.
  17. Pete Kaczmarski

    Vinyal Top Protectant/Preservative

    Is your conv top a white vinyl??? if not has anyone used it on a white vinyl top?
  18. Pete Kaczmarski

    Rust Under Vinyl

    I agree with your comments of vinyl being porous especially when not maintained. But my '78 New Yorker St Regis Coupe had it where the factory drilled the holes for the edge molding and then never treated the metal where they drilled the holes.
  19. Pete Kaczmarski

    Anyone know how to disassemble a remote mirror?

    Position the mirror to see how its fastened (screw or rivett) to the two holes you can see in the replacement. I suspect the moveable part is fastened and then the mirroe is glued onto it.
  20. Pete Kaczmarski

    Anyone ever see Deep Plum on a Imperial or Chrysler?

    In my opinion the '66-70 Toronados are much better styling than the same year Rivieras. Whether its the exagerated wheel openings to the barrel speedometer the Toro stood out. The cord grill in the front to the chrome exhaust tips cut into the rear bumper. These cars were over engineered...