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  1. Pete Kaczmarski

    Wheel Choices For My Wagon

    If you can afford white walls I would do that with the factory hubcap but, if you like the Blackwall what about a dog dish on a black-painted wheel?
  2. Pete Kaczmarski

    62 Chrysler wagon in a yard near me.

    That spotlight is from the 1980's era. It has a red lens back that could be switched on and flashed. NOS UNITY SPOTLIGHT with WARNING LIGHT #10300H 5" 12v - with box - SEE ALL PICS | eBay
  3. Pete Kaczmarski

    Wagon exhaust systems

    Check in your area for any car clubs to see who they use for their custom exhaust.
  4. Pete Kaczmarski

    1960 Chrysler New Yorker Town & Country

    Proper whitewall tires would be the cats meow.
  5. Pete Kaczmarski

    Need new leaf springs

    St Louis Spring is where I got the last set. They were cheapest by far but compare for yourself. LEAF SPRING SUSPENSION
  6. Pete Kaczmarski

    tire options for T&C station wagon

    May I suggest instead adding a nice set of stainless steel mudflaps perhaps with the white rubber bottom and a set of Curb feelers. I,m sort of having the same issue on my '62 300. It has 3" plus w/w bias ply tires. The radials are all 3/4". What I would prefer is a 1.5" w/w in radial or bias ply.
  7. Pete Kaczmarski

    1972 PLYMOUTH FURY WAGON, 440-Shur-grip 5500.

    Probably need the fuel cell for the extended range in between gas stations.
  8. Pete Kaczmarski


    Go Glenn go in the "Green Bananna Boat"
  9. Pete Kaczmarski

    Prepping the Admiral for tow duty

    These same shocks I put on the '79 New Yorker with the same results. Well worth it and the effort involved. This was three years ago and still are holding up fine.
  10. Pete Kaczmarski

    What ever happened to...

    If I remember correctly, it sold on EBAY for $32,000 or something close to it.