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  1. Pete Kaczmarski

    Looking for production info on 62 Newport Coupe 3 Speed

    I own a '62 Chrysler 300 "Sport" Convertible with the three-speed manual transmission, 413 option, no P.S. or P.B. but does have the "Sure-Grip' rear end. Chrysler archives sent me the punch card to confirm some information. I have located no one that can give actual confirmed numbers. I have...
  2. Pete Kaczmarski

    What is your daily driver?

    '04 GTO or '05 Buick Park Avenue Ultra or '79 New Yorker.....working on a different car each day (just kidding)
  3. Pete Kaczmarski

    Exhaust fumes

    Same issues with one of my cars. I would suggest as a diagnosis tool to purchase a roll of weatherstripping foam (for home use) for $2 with one side with an adhesive strip. Put the adhesive side onto the existing weatherstrip. This would make it thicker and if it works to prove you need new...
  4. Pete Kaczmarski


    I suspect the cloth seat inserts is available from SMS......although mine was fine ('62 300 Sport Convertible) and the upholsterer did repair the red leather.
  5. Pete Kaczmarski

    QUIET mufflers??

    I would consult a local seasoned long-time muffler shop for their opinion. Especially if they could be the ones doing the work.
  6. Pete Kaczmarski

    300 Gas Tank Help

    I believe has these also. Compare, I got a fuel tank sending unit for my '70 Fury there a couple weeks ago and happy with my purchase.
  7. Pete Kaczmarski

    68 sending units question

    Did you Check Van's Auto listing? I just got one the other day for my '70 Plymouth Fury.
  8. Pete Kaczmarski

    Power Steering Squeel

    If step 1 and 2 don't work the belt needs replacement.
  9. Pete Kaczmarski

    My new ride...

    Very nice...congrats more pictures and story when you can...Thanks
  10. Pete Kaczmarski

    Shifter Boot & Pedals

    I think if you go a Google/Ebay search you will find one. I had an impossible time finding one for my '62 300 Sport Convertible. Since my transmission came from the truck division I thought it might interchange with some other vehicle. Take a picture of yours, number of screw holes and...
  11. Pete Kaczmarski

    Convertible top boot cover

    A experienced upholstery person should have numerous books to look at and compare plus be able to answer your concerns. If you cannot find one check and join any car clubs nearby and see if they can help you.
  12. Pete Kaczmarski

    Convertible pump fluid?

    I use ATF on my '62 300 convertible. Easier to clean up and won't eat your paint up. Open the fill screw slowly and listen for air escaping.
  13. Pete Kaczmarski

    65 Imperial - Why rust here?

    Check inside the trunk. Sometimes the metal is not coated and rust is coming from the inside out.
  14. Pete Kaczmarski

    Found - 61 300G Disassembled - What's it worth?

    It appears the motor and trans have been rebuilt=$7000 plus interior=$4-$5000. Its worth more than $8000.
  15. Pete Kaczmarski

    Found - 61 300G Disassembled - What's it worth?

    If you have the ability to do the work yourself and deal on it (20k max.). If you have to pay someone to complete it forget it. I know of one that was sold a couple years ago. He started at 80k but I don't know what was the final price.
  16. Pete Kaczmarski

    For Sale; '62 300 sport coupe

    When they had the 300 national meet here a couple years ago in Elkhart Lake, GlennB49 came with his '79 300 and me in my '62 300 conv. car. We parked in the street by the show and a lot of members came to look at my car. They were friendly but unless my car was a letter car, the club did not...
  17. Pete Kaczmarski

    For Sale; '62 300 sport coupe

    wow another 300 stick car like mine.....
  18. Pete Kaczmarski

    Exhaust joint midway back...why is it there?

    Yes, I looked at that system and others to compare. Must add shipping plus not up to the exhaust manifold. Plus t-pipes should come down a bite of an angle. Plus the same guy did my car last time so he has decades of experience.
  19. Pete Kaczmarski

    Exhaust joint midway back...why is it there?

    My '69 Grand Prix tail pipes are rotting out. The local exhaust guy custom shop did it 25 years ago. His estimate for spring 2019 is $350 aluminized stock type dual mufflers w/o resonators. Ask around other car dealers and/or enthusiasts for a reputable custom shop.
  20. Pete Kaczmarski

    1962- 3 new yorker or newport-. BUT I have never owned a C body, Came close once when newbi here!

    The previous owner owned a Chrysler dealership in Ely Nevada and died so his widow eventually sold everything. I left certain things like the tachometer and his front plate bracket from the dealership.