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  1. Pete Kaczmarski

    1959 Imperial doesn't charge and not sure how to tackle this

    Read these, especially the one on polarizing a generator.......Repairing And Diagnosis Of Problems With Your (Chrysler) Imperial's Generator
  2. Pete Kaczmarski

    1961 Chrysler New Yorker

    The "Golden Lion" will soon awake.
  3. Pete Kaczmarski

    Dead Dodge Garage did a YouTube video on my 300G

    Gary, have you seen the aftermarket master cylinder reservoir extension for our single pot master that would bring it out ahead of the bellows? I seen one about 25 plus years ago on Ebay and wish I would of bought it.
  4. Pete Kaczmarski

    Opinions: 1955 New Yorker Deluxe St Regis

    I did not see a price mentioned on the first one, here is one to compare it to......1955 Chrysler New Yorker
  5. Pete Kaczmarski

    Factory 1963 300J 4-speed

    No, the French manual came out of the center console, my 3-speed manual in the '62 was off the center. And the shifter boots are very expensive if you can even find one.
  6. Pete Kaczmarski

    Factory 1963 300J 4-speed

    my '62 300 Sport Convertible with factory 3-speed manual transmission (confirmed by Chrysler Historical Services)
  7. Pete Kaczmarski

    Rebuilding 6V generator into 12V generator 1955 Chrysler 300

    I have used Fondy Auto Electric of Fond du Lac Wisconsin for both generators and alternator rebuilding. I would suggest you call them with your questions. Home - Fondy Auto Electric
  8. Pete Kaczmarski

    62 Chrysler Newport Convertible

    That is a "Plumbing Ball Valve" for the heater control. wow
  9. Pete Kaczmarski

    62 Chrysler Newport Convertible

    I know "asking price does not equal selling price" but it makes me think and compare what my '62 300 Sport convert. is worth.
  10. Pete Kaczmarski

    Auction 59 Imperial Crown

    Well its a "Crown" model, a few options are Twilight Mirror and Dimming high beams etc. Now his numbers may be correct for a "Crown" but my Imp is a "Custom" with more options than his.
  11. Pete Kaczmarski

    Any 58 Plymouths for sale?

    Nice '58 Imp...hello older Coupe cousin....
  12. Pete Kaczmarski

    Not mine - 1957 Chrysler 300C Convertible - Auction.

    20k for car, 20k for rebuild of motor, trans, brakes, tires and exhaust, 12k for new top, interior and carpet, 5k for surprises plus shipping=approx $60000 as another member here whom has one stated they are a money pit and at this price point you may never sell it for anything close.
  13. Pete Kaczmarski

    CHP Training film- '61 Dodge

    I had the second generation of films mostly from "Motorola" when I went to recruit school in 1983.
  14. Pete Kaczmarski

    '62 300 part number help

    The don't make them nor I have ever found them as a spare for my '62 300. Check out page 24 of January 2020 "Auto Restorer" for the article "Making Rubber Parts for an uncommon car can be a challenge"
  15. Pete Kaczmarski

    Outstanding 1958 Imperial Time Capsule

    Same thought I had and motivated me to purchase my '59.
  16. Pete Kaczmarski

    Outstanding 1958 Imperial Time Capsule

    I was looking at the description and pictures and guessed 35k...….the cars color may not let him obtain 40k.
  17. Pete Kaczmarski

    Ghia Limo for sale.

    The Godfather pictured one has 15" wheels by the holes of the outside edge. In 1959 it started out as 14" wheels and midyear went to 15". The hubcap appears the same except for the holes on the outside edges.
  18. Pete Kaczmarski

    Ghia Limo for sale.

    The P.W. switches in the back are original at least in appearance. There are people that rebuild them so I suspect were destroyed or gone so went newer.
  19. Pete Kaczmarski

    1978 New Yorker Brougham Listing - Very Nice, Low Mileage, Original 2 Door

    I like the car but hate the door dinger front to back molding on each side. I had mine removed. My car did not come with them when new. How do I know that? I was 17 yoa when my neighbor brought it home. It was my job to take car of their cars, dogs and lawn. Although my car has 100k more miles...
  20. Pete Kaczmarski

    NOT Mine-1958 Imperial body

    1958 Chrysler Imperial body - $2500 (Woodfin) © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap (google map) Very good condition considering her age. 7ft. wide! 17+ long. 4 doors, With rolling chassis. 828 251 2304 OBO