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  1. Pete Kaczmarski

    1978 New Yorker St Regis Coupe all done

    I purchased this car about eight years ago. It was originally my friend's car new and he died in 1990. I was going through my divorce and could not buy anything and I lost contact with the new owner. The car was listed for sale on craigslist about 15 years later and purchased it. Well, it took...
  2. Pete Kaczmarski

    1974 Plymouth Fury Coupe in Rock Auto Newsletter

    Darren's 1974 Plymouth Fury My 1974 Plymouth Fury II was purchased new by my father. I was eight years old at the time and remember sitting in it on the dealership sales floor. Dad let me decide between buying a yellow hardtop or a black sedan. My father rarely drove it, storing it each winter...
  3. Pete Kaczmarski

    1978 New Yorker St Regis Coupe "For Sale"

    sorry...seen it already listed
  4. Pete Kaczmarski

    1978 NYB St Regis Coupe out FINALLY

    I promised better photos when the car was brought of of storage which was yesterday. The A.C still works after removing/repairing the evaporator last year. Other repairs were exhaust (mufflers/tailpipes), valve cover gaskets, air tube repair etc. Also, minor rust repair under the padded vinyl...
  5. Pete Kaczmarski

    1978 New Yorker St Regis Coupe

    Finally got to sending these out.....1978 NYB St Regis Coupe, one year only color,CB radio, Sunroof etc. This car was my friends car who was a Electrical Engineer for Chrysler Outboard. In 1978 he purchased this car as a factory executive car for $6500 (if I remember correctly) My first job was...
  6. Pete Kaczmarski

    Best Police Car Movie???

    As I put my '70 Fury III Pursuit (ex-Washinton State Patrol) away for the Winter in Wisconsin, I check my Favorite Car Movies or Videos. In the middle of Winter I watch the Best Police Car Chase Movie ever (in my opinion). Sugarland Express was made using "Panavision" for the first time in the...