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  1. SwissMonaco

    727 identification (stamping numbers)

    You can check your number in the following document. It seems to be a 1967 transmission for Dodge with 318cui engine
  2. SwissMonaco

    Exhaust manifold sealer

    I work as an engine builder and we use Loctite 638 for such things
  3. SwissMonaco

    383 Backfiring

    I would check the clearance of the timing chain. Set the mark to TDC and then turn the crankshaft against the direction of rotation until the rotor in the ignition distributor turns. Then check how many degrees you can turn the crankshaft back until the rotor turns. I had a crankshaft of almost...
  4. SwissMonaco

    Timing chain hole in the block

    Yesterday I dismantled the ignition distributor on my 440 and saw this hole in the direction of the camshaft gear. It almost looks like the casting has broken away. Is this normal and simply a bad machining job or should it be closed? See photos.