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  1. PeugFra

    What was the last car that V.E. had input in?

    In a report in Automotive News, Dec. 31, 1962, on styling at Chrysler under Elwood Engel, I see this enigmatic quote on Virgil Exner: "Among the 350 people in styling at Chrysler, one especially familiar face, that of Virgil Exner, former styling vice-president, is seen almost daily. He works...
  2. PeugFra

    What was the last car that V.E. had input in?

    Surely the most baroque commercial object mounted on four wheels!
  3. PeugFra

    What was the last car that V.E. had input in?

    At the time (May 1962) George H. Love, member of the board of directors of Chrysler Corp., had this to say: "Chrysler's new styling vice-president, Elwood P. Engel, made substantial changes in '63 cars after he joined the company last November. Expenses in the redesigning operation were heavy...
  4. PeugFra

    What Happened To DeSoto

    The sentence with the reply to the question in the title is: "Despite 33 years of production, DeSoto fell victim to a mix of marketing mistakes, economic downturns and a competitive market." How many defunct automotive brands fit that description? Did we learn anything new? (Just asking.)
  5. PeugFra

    The Weird Chrysler Cars of the Early 1960's

    In order to appreciate Exner one should also take into account his work after he left Chrysler. The Stutz experience shows that he mostly remained true to himself, not to the changing times around him (1975 Stutz Blackhawk shown): All unmistakably Exner. "Want an Exner car? Here!" The...
  6. PeugFra

    Ghia Limo for sale.

    A memorable scene from Godfather II (released 1974) for all Imperial fans, but it's unlikely it was this particular car, as the ad states "this example was delivered new to a wealthy Canadian family and kept by them for many years". If you can prove the scene was shot in the State of New York...