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  1. PeugFra

    NOT MINE 1973 Plymouth gran fury CDN$4,000

    The body color is probably JY9 Tahitian Gold Metallic, a very desirable color!
  2. PeugFra

    NOT MINE Lee Iacocca's Imperial

    Clearly below the estimate of $30,000 - $50,000. Did Iacocca deserve this?
  3. PeugFra

    NOT MINE Lee Iacocca's Imperial

    With these credentials, that should fetch a nice stack of dollars!
  4. PeugFra

    NOT MINE 1977 Gran Fury Low Miles B.A.T.

    I also prefer the minimal approach as embodied in this car.
  5. PeugFra

    NOT MINE 1975 Plymouth grand fury sport suburban $9,999

    For a change, this one was actually built on schedule: SPD 521, MDH 052110.
  6. PeugFra

    NOT MINE 1973 Plymouth fury 1 $1,500

    Some comments on the fender tag. N95 = Emission Control System and Testing tells us this was originally a California car, or maybe Nevada. With the known history as an air force car it goes to show that a VON starting with K doesn't necessarily indicate a cop car.
  7. PeugFra

    NOT MINE 1977 Plymouth Gran Fury

    That's the color that propelled the Formal Fury to executive car status in some parts of Europe, notably France and Finland.
  8. PeugFra

    NOT MINE 75 Imperial Convertible-Not Mine

    My bad! Looking again I see a dusty Imperial with the top closed.
  9. PeugFra

    NOT MINE 75 Imperial Convertible-Not Mine

    I agree; turning that into a nice 1975 Imperial will be quite a hassle.
  10. PeugFra

    NOT MINE 78 NYB St. Regis $3800 Fort Myers, FL

    The fender tag and the door sticker.
  11. PeugFra

    NOT MINE 78 NYB St. Regis 20k Original Miles $17,800 Illinois

    Thanks, @FredNY66! I just added the car to the Late C-Bodies List.
  12. PeugFra

    NOT MINE 78 NYB St. Regis 20k Original Miles $17,800 Illinois

    This looks like a candidate for the late C-body list (SPD 612), but I can't read the last digit of the VIN. A white coupe also fits the bill. Maybe somebody could get hold of pics of the fender tag and door sticker? The door sticker pic included in the ad is too small.
  13. PeugFra

    NOT MINE 1974 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron 2dr Hardtop - $4,900 - Nesconset, L.I.N.Y.

    The back-and-forth about the Crown Coupe in a thread about a 1974 non-Crown Coupe Imperial was started off by the quote above. That quote is more applicable to the 1975 model year, when the Crown Coupe production numbers exceeded the normal 2-door Imperials, at least, according to this site...
  14. PeugFra

    NOT MINE 1975 Plymouth Gran Fury Suburban wagon

    I bet there existed a statistic somewhere saying that the most popular body color for Formal Dodge and Plymouth station wagons was tan, aka Parchment (Dodge) or Sahara Beige (Plymouth). Apart from this beautiful example, it recently also popped up on a 1974 Dodge.
  15. PeugFra

    NOT MINE 55 Doge Royal Lancer project

    Liked it, but please DO avoid typos in the title of a new thread. Makes it all a little less fuzzy.
  16. PeugFra

    NOT MINE One sad '77 New Yorker junker for $7k.

    Like in "He ran the 100 meters in record time"? To 99.99% of us, ''record time" means 'the shortest time one can imagine'. Typical case of probable vs. possible interpretation of an utterance.
  17. PeugFra

    NOT MINE 1978 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham Coupe - Only 47K Miles! - $4,950 (Maryville,TN)

    That's very interesting! Where did you get that information?
  18. PeugFra

    NOT MINE 1977 Plymouth Gran Fury

    The 1977 ChryCo Sales Code List goes a long way in satisfying your query.
  19. PeugFra

    NOT MINE 1981 Imperial Limo.

    Hey, this limo body style is actually an improvement on the original design. Grafted on the Fuselage design the limo look is just off, with Formals it already gets better but this tops the lot! Must be because of the high sides and deck lid.
  20. PeugFra

    NOT MINE 1973 police Police I think) Not mine

    Not every "K" on the fender tag or the broadcast sheet points to a "Kop Kar". Keep on thinKing!