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    Chrome plating in eastern Pennsylvania

    I was told to steer clear of Frankford plating and the same person recommended Librandi's. That's who I'll likely use when it's time. If i didn't mind driving I'd check out Tri City plating in Tennessee.
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    1970 Newark "F" Assembly Plant Cars

    Here's my '71 NJSP Unmarked. It's an E86 U code. From what i gather, Ma Mopar didn't install the HP440 in the Fury III A38 in '69 and '70. For the NJSP '69 was 383 2brl, and '70 they were the standard performance 440 (350hp). There is a black 1970 PK41 on youtube. It has the 440 but whether or...
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    NOT MINE 1971 Plymouth Fury PA State Police 440, 11k miles, wrecked, $7500 Ono PA

    According to the 1971 Police brochure, the standard performance 335hp 440 was dubbed the "Super Commando" with the dual snorkel air breather. The High performance 370hp 440 was named "Police Pursuit Special". I'd imagine that pie tin is correct. One thing I've always wondered, the HP440, did it...
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    My '71 Plymouth

    Thanks for that! Dad worked part time jobs along with his policework in the early '70s. Just before he joined the Army in June 1974, he worked as a night watchman at a local chevy dealership, Kardon Chevrolet here in Mt.Holly New Jersey. It was a decent size dealer with an oval test track in the...
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    My '71 Plymouth

    Hi, yes! Real PM41U1F A38 police package. Unmarked unit from West Trenton, New Jersey State Police. And Yes, i had the trans built to my spec. The car also has a heavy duty police torqueflite in it as well.
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    My '71 Plymouth

    Yours looks great. Seems yours was scheduled for build a month before mine. Mine is 6-16 and the door tag says 6-1971. Both Newark plant.
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    My '71 Plymouth

    Thanks!, I used this paint called "Zero Rust". Really reasonable price and works great. Brushed on the first 2 coats then sprayed the last coat. Thinned 10% with lacquer thinner and it sprayed real nice. A lot of work!
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    Uncle Ray is going in for round 2

    Nice '71 looks like it's coming along great. I'm pretty much doing the same as you with mine, working on the undercarriage. Thread 'My '71 Plymouth' My '71 Plymouth
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    1970 Newark "F" Assembly Plant Cars

    M1XA interior. My favorite
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    1970 Newark "F" Assembly Plant Cars

    I have a '71 A38 Fury III that was built at the Newark plant.
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    1971 Plymouth Fury III Police Package 440

    Hey sorry just seeing this now. My separator tank was in very bad shape and the output orifice tube (that runs to the passenger side valve cover breather) was clogged. It was scaled out inside, so i filled it with evaporust. Well after a week, a pinhole developed in it. I ended up cutting the...
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    C-Body Police Cars Thread

    Thread 'My '71 Plymouth' My '71 Plymouth
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    C-Body Police Cars Thread

    NJSP black unmarked in summer 1974 (when dad purchased it used) and currently.
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    46RH/A518 Crossmember Mount

    Not my car, found this on youtube. Hope it helps.
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    71' plymouth fury 440, what rear gear?

    Sure I'll find some shortly
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    71' plymouth fury 440, what rear gear?

    Digging around and found this really old thread. Turns out my car was an open 3.23 rear. Now a 3.23 w/ dr diff suregrip. And instead of changing the rear ratio, i replaced the front planetary and sungear in the torqueflite for 2.77 1st gear. Essentially like swapping to a 3.6:1 ratio in the rear...
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    Leaf Spring Reinforcement Plates

    The forward spring hangers. Between the frame and fastener nuts. I have these installed on my '71 Fury.
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    Engine run stand, which flywheel?

    Would this one work? It's said to be from a small block Thanks