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  1. pomonamissel

    Need help identifying which brakes on a 1959 Dodge Coronet - 3 platform type brakes or standard brakes???

    twin wheel cylinders are used through out big trucks as well .
  2. pomonamissel

    SOLD Rare 1958 Plymouth parts for sale

    is that air cleaner top for sale by it's self ?
  3. pomonamissel

    Took a cool pic?

    if your passing through iowa city iowa you must stop in the hamburger inn . i passed through in nov 2020 . great place .
  4. pomonamissel

    Need help identifying which brakes on a 1959 Dodge Coronet - 3 platform type brakes or standard brakes???

    and i thought the dics brakes on the earlier imp's was a complicated set up . it was an aircraft type of the late 40's early 50's . and heavy two .
  5. pomonamissel

    Factory 4-Speed-C-Body-Photo-Thread

    my stuff is all part of a auto to 4spd conversion . my 65 custom 880 rag is getting a rb wedge with a a833 four speed . and i'm needing this column for my conversion . but @LocuMob an help you .
  6. pomonamissel

    Parts question

    steel , and i was told 350ish
  7. pomonamissel

    Parts question

    furyfan , humps are being produced for the 65-72 c bodies at a top price and the same with the z bar , and my frame bracket is being built for either application , bolt on or weld on this way all can be helped . and yes a b body hump can be refab'd to fit a c bodies tunnel . but not everyone has...
  8. pomonamissel

    Parts question

    as i have shown , there are quite a few parts needed to make the auto to a833 4 spd conversion , i'm still trying to get shifter humps and torq bar and frame brackets made . but with only a few pre orders of these parts , the amount i'm thinking about producing is short , so i'm at the bottom of...
  9. pomonamissel

    Parts question

    c body 4 speed stuff is rare , i paid a grand plus shipping for my parts package less trans , didn't want to ship one of those , got plenty .
  10. pomonamissel

    What is your daily driver?

    well that seat n headliner was a couple grand . man it seams that everyone is mak'n money n i'm spending it , lol .
  11. pomonamissel

    Let's see some Wagons!

    my wagons are starts , the mod wagons are the finished projects .
  12. pomonamissel

    What is your daily driver?

    well i downloaded them and just couldn't locate them . now there found , new tuff green and ivory seat and head liner to match the factory colors in my 61 d200 driver . oh ya 28k more miles on her now as well .
  13. pomonamissel

    What is your daily driver?

    when i purchased it , and one in use
  14. pomonamissel

    Factory 4-Speed-C-Body-Photo-Thread

    yes in deed , that's my picture pattern for when i make my 65 880 rag into an rb and a 4spd with 66 300 bucket seat .
  15. pomonamissel

    Factory 4-Speed-C-Body-Photo-Thread

    here everything from a 66 c body .
  16. pomonamissel

    YOM PLates

    well that 72 fury had several years of back lic fees due on it , and i'm not sure of it status when i peeled her for parts . never got a junk slip on her . just cut her up into small parts after stripping her of all her good parts , and i've still got some parts leftover , a few members got some...
  17. pomonamissel

    Fastest C body List

    never tried the 1/4 or 1/8 mile on my 65 880 rag , but it would pull 6k in second at 120 mph , and nose up when i pulled it into drive and take off , speedo was done at 120 , so it wouldn't show it's top top end speed . but this was done with a car with 130 k mile on the 383 727 with twin fours...
  18. pomonamissel

    Little baby boy on the way!

    great another mopar kid , train him in the art of wrench'n , got to have a younger wrench to help dad when your old and not able .
  19. pomonamissel

    Drums to Disc...Today's Pricing

    well boys if you have the space , i've bought two c body disc brake donner cars for less than a grand , and pulled a bunch of great parts as well . 72 fury 3 400 727 pb ps disc's , 70 nyr 440 727 ps pb disc's pw 8 3/4 re . just got to shop the market place a bit .