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  1. A38E86D32

    For Sale 440 kickdown linkage

    Sale pending. I'll let you know if it doesn't go through
  2. A38E86D32

    SOLD C Body d/s HP exhaust manifold

    For your consideration I have for sale a driver side HP exhaust manifold, no cracks . $150 obo plus shipping. Paypal preferred More pics available upon request Thanks!
  3. A38E86D32

    For Sale parting out 1970 300

    I'm interested in the ac drier and associated bracket, and ac underhood wiring (wiring from compressor, ac drier, to firewall)
  4. A38E86D32

    For Sale 440 kickdown linkage

    Late 70s 440 kickdown linkage. $120 obo +shp. PM if interested. Thanks!
  5. A38E86D32

    For Sale BB spool mounts

    Do you still have these?
  6. A38E86D32

    WANTED 71' mopar c body AC components wanted.

    Someone at some point removed the ac from my 71' plymouth fury. I'm looking for mainly all the plumbing/hoses. Already have a reman compressor, condensor, evaporator, brackets to mount the compressor to the engine. I have paypal. Thanks!